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How Effective is Camomile Tea against Bladder Issues?


Apr 6, 2020

Camomile tea has for many years been used as a natural remedy for a broad range of health-related issues. Today, researchers continue to explore its efficiency in managing various conditions, e.g., diabetes, cancer, and bladder issues.

Bladder issues are a common occurrence among women undergoing the menopause stage. During this time, it becomes hard for a woman to control her bladder. Below is a look at women’s health in terms of how menopause affects bladder control.

Why Does Your Bladder Become Weaker During Menopause?

The ovaries stop producing estrogen when you reach this stage of your life. Estrogen is one of the important hormones in a woman’s body, which often kicks in when she is in puberty. The hormone is responsible for controlling her menstrual cycles, and also plays an active role when she is pregnant.

As soon as the hormone goes away, your body gets relief in that it doesn’t have to work hard in any of the aforementioned stages. While menopause is often associated with mood changes, night sweats, and hot flashes, bladder control issues may also arise in some women. When you are in menopause, the following is likely to happen:

  • The vaginal tissues start to become elastic
  • Your urethra lining starts to become thin
  • The pelvic floor muscles become weak

Bladder control issues during menopause are known as “urge incontinence.” This refers to an urgent need to pee and is sometimes referred to as “overactive” or “irritable” bladder.

Camomile Tea—What Is It?

Chamomile teas come with varying potency levels. Some are more potent than others. The more potent a tea is, the higher its chances of causing some unwanted side effects, especially in individuals who are vulnerable to this kind of teas.

As such, it’s recommended that you always start with a low dosage and then continue to work your way towards larger doses. This tea is among the highly recommended remedies used to assist with bladder issues.

The tea contains a chemical known as flavonoids. The chemical is a kind of nutrient commonly found in various plants, and which assists in enhancing the medicinal effects of this tea.

When looking for natural remedies for menopause, consider using this tea to assist you with your bladder issues. For this you will need:

  • 1 cup of hot water
    • 1 teaspoon of chamomile tea

What You Need to Do

  • Take the tea and add it to a cup of hot water
    • Allow it too steep for around five minutes before straining it
    • Drink the warm tea

It’s recommended that you take this tea at least twice each day to achieve the desired results.

Why Does this Work?

Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with its sedative action, the tea assists in eliminating the symptoms associated with an overactive bladder, especially among women who experience urge incontinence at night.

It’s a natural remedy that works well when used to help with an ongoing overactive bladder condition or as a form of medical intervention.

Benefits of Camomile Tea

This tea comes loaded with antioxidants that can assist in reducing your chances of contracting several diseases including cancer and heart disease. As you can see, the benefits of camomile tea are many, and include the following:

  1. Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Recent studies have suggested that this tea can assist with cancer care, as it can target the cancer cells. It could also prevent these cells from developing. Scientists, however, insist that the studies conducted so far have proven inconclusive and that further research is needed to assist in proving the anti-cancer claims.

It’s also worth noting that many studies have focused on clinical models on various animals and not humans.

  1. Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation in the body occurs as a reaction of the immune system as the body tries to fight off an infection. The tea comes with chemical compounds that can assist in reducing inflammation. However, you should note that long-term inflammation is often linked to a broad range of issues such as depression, hemorrhoids, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and gastrointestinal pain.

  1. Reducing Menstrual Pain

Studies conducted in the recent past have linked the consumption of camomile tea to reduced menstrual pain. A study conducted in 2010, for instance, noted that consuming this tea for thirty continuous days could help in reducing the severity of menstrual cramps. The women who participated in the study also reported less distress and anxiety associated with period pain.


While this tea does have its advantages, individuals with a history of developing severe allergies are advised not to take it, as it could be contaminated with pollen. Additionally, you shouldn’t use natural remedies as a substitute for modern medical care. If you are taking any medications, make sure to consult your doctor about possible interactions with this tea.

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