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How Field Service Software Can Improve Your Service Business’s Workflow


Jun 23, 2021

Is there any way to make Field Service Management more effortless and accessible for both clients and management? Of course, there is.

Field service entails dispatching your contractors and mobile workers to various client sites to repair, install, and maintain equipment.

Field Service Management is vital for any service your organisation provides. FSM is used to manage your field service operations no matter where they are.

You can handle your operations more efficiently if you utilise Field Service Software. You can quickly manage your clients’ requests, capture job data from the field, monitor your team’s job statuses, and get insights into your operations with Field Service Software.

Here are other standard features that field service software offers that can benefit your business:

Better Quality customer service and increased efficiency

Back when technology was not frequently used in field service systems, technicians (or other field workers) had to go to the company office first thing in the morning to pick up work orders and file paperwork before heading to their allocated job site. Unfortunately, this approach only resulted in longer client wait times, more fuel consumption for company vehicles, and higher risks of human errors, resulting in poor customer service.

Work orders are streamlined between the fieldworker and the company office using field service management software. In addition, communication is now simplified with Field Service Software mobile apps for managing work orders, automatic dispatching, and scheduling. This not only benefits field workers by saving them time but also improves customer experience.

Managing Inventory More Efficiently

Field service businesses can now start reducing their warehouse stores thanks to the inventory management feature provided by Field Service Software. The software can instantly provide you with up-to-date information on which materials need to be restocked more frequently than others. The data collected enables the procurement department to order sustainably while lowering expenditures.

Work order management

Work orders are the backbone of your company’s field service business. Work orders are job specifics requested by your clients that must be communicated to your team. Without the FSM Software, you’ll have to rely on paperwork, which has a higher chance of losing data, duplicate entries, or incorrect data retrieval.

That is why field service software was developed to address these issues by digitising the entire system. Office and field staff can now easily create new work orders or search old work orders for reference. Furthermore, your organisation may instantly send a work order to any of your technicians without them checking in at your office. It’s also easier to create quotes for your clients by generating new quotes for jobs using an online quoting system.

Dynamic scheduling and dispatch

Some Field Service Software providers offer features that require you to install GPS devices in your company vehicles and include live mobile tracking features in their mobile apps. This allows you to identify your mobile technicians’ current job statuses and locations and assign to them the nearest job site to minimise the client’s waiting times.

Real-time updates are possible with Field Service Software. You can also reassign jobs to other field workers when a technician or engineer cannot complete the job for any reason.

Vehicle maintenance and Route Optimisation

Field service businesses use several vehicles for their service technicians. You can use Vehicle Tracking Software to automatically track your vehicle’s fuel consumption and its condition if it is due for maintenance service or repairs.  This is the perfect feature to set up a Fleet Management System for your company’s fleet.

Some field service systems offer Route Optimisation software features, which allows you to immediately find the quickest route between jobs to avoid long trips and minimise idling time in traffic.

Improve Your Understanding of Your Company

You can monitor your company’s data and statistics at any time with field service software. This important information can include the number of jobs planned and performed each day, travel time, job status, and much more. Overall, the software identifies your company’s weak points. As a result, you’ll have a better idea of how to improve your field service operations by adopting the best-fit Job Management System for your business.


Field service has become a competitive sector, particularly as customers become pickier about the services and goods they pay for. To maintain your company’s position as the leading service provider, you must provide quality service, effective solutions, and timely execution of excellent services. Fortunately, field service management software has made it possible. It is now a must-have tool for your company’s development and consistent performance.