It’s been commonly known for years now that the link between physical and mental health is stronger than people first assumed. Experts and researchers are continually learning more about the connection between bodies and minds, making important developments in the health of both areas. Indeed, it is disputed that minds can be considered separate from the bodies they inhabit at all. Although it may be unappealing at first to admit that our minds are merely another component of our bodies, this revelation leads to some incredibly helpful realizations. Keep reading to find out how different aspects of physical health are linked to maintaining and boosting mental wellbeing.


Only recently have researchers been able to truly dig down into the details of how food’s interactions within the human body impact the mind. Of course, it’s always been clear that eating improves mood. Being grumpy until you’ve had a snack is a fairly common occurrence. It isn’t just this, however, that links mental wellbeing with physical health. Studies have found that bacteria living in the human gut can significantly impact a person’s mental health. In some cases, a change of eating habits has been seen to dramatically reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you experience these kinds of difficulties, it might surprise you how a change of diet can lift your mood.


It’s an automatic function of the body that is easily forgotten. However, the way we breathe can have a huge impact on the way we feel emotionally as well as physically. Quick, shallow breaths send signals to the body that something stressful is happening, even if it isn’t. Take control of this by following a useful Breathwork guide, and you’ll soon start to notice your stress levels reduce, making room for more happiness. These kinds of techniques reaffirm your mind’s connection to the body, grounding you and allowing you to appreciate the moment without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.


The adrenaline and endorphins released in the body during exercise can, over time, bring your mood up. Even if the act of running or lifting weights doesn’t interest you, there are subtle and invisible factors at work when you exert yourself physically. It’s important not to forget that your mind is a complex structure reliant on a variety of chemicals and these chemicals add up to emotions. To introduce more positive emotions into your everyday life, take up regular exercise and notice the gradual yet definite improvement to your happiness.


An often-neglected aspect of physical and mental health is sleep. Although many of us are aware of the benefits the right amount of sleep provides, we allow the stresses and responsibilities of life to intrude upon these precious hours. It might seem smarter to stay up a couple of hours later to finish that task, but in reality, making time for quality sleep will create more opportunities for productivity in the long term.