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How is Climate Change Impacting the Event Industry


Aug 9, 2022 #Climate Change

Isn’t it getting hotter day by day? Or snowing way more than expected? By now, everyone realizes that the world is facing extreme climatic change. It is just not about dealing with these weather shifts and rising temperatures. But, due to climate change impacts, the world is faced with many challenges and hurdles in carrying on routine activities. It is affecting the daily operations of businesses and thus, in turn, pushing them towards taking some strict actions. 

Since there’s a tremendous rise in the temperature by 0.84 degrees Celcius, causing seasonal and regional weather extremes. It had become nearly impossible for the event industry to successfully host a large number of people at a physical location. Significantly, the event industry is most affected by these climatic changes and now one must adopt reformed practices to continue hosting events.  

This discussion aims to warn people of the current climatic conditions. Also, to aware the event industry of the possible damage, it can cause.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change refers to the shifts in the seasonal and weather temperature, which is considered harmful to humankind. The unbearable temperatures have risen over the years due to flawed human activities. For instance, human industrial waste, burning of fossil or other gases, carbon footprint or emissions altogether contribute to global warming. 

The Global Climate report 2022 shows that each month is warmer than the last recorded temperature. For example, the earth today is 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average. This has greatly contributed to melting glaciers, heavy rainfall, and shifting habitat ranges for animals or plants. Indeed, it is time for us to ponder and revise our practices to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. 

Climate Change Affecting Event Industry 

For years, the event industry has contributed mainly to the carbon footprint. For this reason, the world today faces global warming and other climatic shifts. But now, it is time to cut down on carbon emissions and let the earth breathe. Recently, the pandemic restrictions helped get a hold on the excessive carbon emission produced by the event industry. For instance, the physical restrictions have overall controlled transportation, fuel, gas, electricity and other wastes. As a result, after years of environmental abuse, the world witnessed a clear sky and greener land. We must adopt similar practices today if we wish to leave breathable earth for future generations.

The Climate Change Impacts

Climate change has turned brutal towards the people. There is either merciless rain or heat waves. Overall, the environmental shifts discourage people from continuing their routine activities. So by now, the event industry realizes the climate change impacts on the people. So now we believe it is our duty to recover from the menace and hop on safer and sustainable solutions for humankind. 

Let us first explore how climate change is now affecting the event industry and what practices can help us continue with events smoothly.

Global Warming

Today, global warming is considered the biggest threat to human life. The warming temperatures and growing precipitation altogether affect the climate of the earth. However, some parts of the earth have warmed up faster than others. But, overall, it has become a global concern. As a result of these rising temperatures, the event industry is facing music. No one wants to step outside of their place in this scorching heat. Right? Therefore, the event industry must find ways to continue with its business. 

Unpredictable Weather Conditions

Climate change impacts have surely put a halt to human movement. The excessive rains, sand storms and heat waves have pushed people back to their homes. Overall, the uncertainty of the weather conditions discourages people from hosting events at a physical location. Be it indoors or outdoors; physical events cost double to make the weather conditions favourable for the attendees. For instance, the installation of air conditioners or heaters costs a fortune. Also, it is nearly impossible for the remote audience to travel down to a physical location considered extreme weather. No one would want to experience the heat while travelling down buses or trains. So, it is nearly impossible to conduct business activities with ease. Besides, we are currently not in the position to put another carbon footprint on planet earth. 

Melting Glaciers and Heavier Rainstorms

Another grave example of climate change impacts is glaciers melting, causing floods and heavier rainstorms. It confines people indoors and makes it impossible for the event industry to operate. Basically, human activity is reduced to nothing. So, how would businesses host their annual conferences or meetings? The event industry needs a safer environment to host a large number of people. For that matter, online activities seem like the only reasonable choice. 

The Recommended Practises For the Event Industry

As discussed thoroughly, climate change is real, and there’s no hiding from it. Most event planners and organizers today prefer moving their physical events online. Undoubtedly, it is in the best interest of the event industry to easily welcome a global audience online. Moving the physical processes online saves the humankind from harmful impacts of global warming. For instance, it saves on the harmful emissions of gas, fuel, electricity, transport, paper or resource waste and other toxic gas emissions.

All in all, the reformed solutions encourage event industry professionals to take noticeable actions towards sustainability. 

Adopting Digital Solutions 

The year 2022 has given way to the robust digitization of the world. For that matter, the event industry is adopting digital event solutions that fully serve the purpose of physical events. Digitization is basically a way to connect with the world through online means over the internet. It offers a better and safer world through innovative technologies. All in all, the digital solutions offer:

  • Advanced software platforms
  • Cloud-based services 
  • The immersive 3D digital environment 
  • 3D animated and graphical representation
  • Customizable virtual reality 
  • Live chat and networking features 
  • Audio/video conferencing feature
  • Accurate live statistical record-keeping

Altogether, the digital solutions equip the event industry to recreate a physical experience for audiences over in the cloud. 

Environmental Friendly Virtual Events 

Why is the event industry pivoting to virtual events? How does it help us fight the effects of climate change? Well, to save humankind from the serious effects of climatic changes, the event industry is redefining its future. The virtual events platforms now facilitate the event industry to host their corporate, educational and medical events online. There are tons of features, tech and tools that aid organizations in creating replicas of real-life events. No one has to travel to a physical location or contribute to the carbon footprint. 

The world health organization itself discourages the carbon footprint caused due to grand physical events. However, for each person, it is up to 4.8 tons of carbon footprint emitted per year. Altogether, it is expected to rise by 30% by 2030. Do we afford the risk? Clearly not! 

Therefore, corporations and organizations now prefer hosting events virtually and saving the environment from carbon emissions. 

In Conclusion

To save the future of the event industry, we need to take strict actions. Also, the world needs to adopt healthier and safer solutions to decrease the impression of climate change. It is time we strive together for a greener planet. So, let’s begin hosting events virtually and benefit most from the digital and technological solutions. 

Virtual recruitment days take on the responsibility of warning the event industry about the possible effects of climate change. It encourages them to adopt better and sustainable solutions and cut down on harmful carbon emissions. It is time we give back to earn and let it breathe. 

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