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How Plus-Size Modeling is Changing the World


Nov 1, 2021

Gone are days when modeling was all about thin and tall. Now, plus size modeling is taking over the industry by storm. Think about it; people are different. The human race includes all types, shapes, and sizes. How come the average body type is 12-16, but models are expected to have a size 2 waist?

Doesn’t make sense, right? Didn’t make sense from the very beginning. That aside, more and more fashion stores and brands are now reaching out to plus-size models and are looking to expand their plus-size collections and sections. There is more visibility for every size.

The Fashion Industry Has a Plus-Size Problem. These Women Want to Fix It | Glamour

It is now easier than ever to work your curves into the modeling industry as a plus-size model.Many modeling agencies hire plus side models as well because their demand in increasing these days. Here is how this has changed the industry;

Impact on Body Image

For years, thinner women were used as a representative of what is sexy and attractive. In the fashion industry, you would hardly see more, curvier women. This took a toll on the body image of supposedly “plus-size” models and women in general.

It had four impacts; the way plus size women saw themselves (their perception), the way you feel about yourself, how you think and believe about yourself, and the things you do that are related to your perception about yourself (how you behave in relation to the perspective you have about yourself). 

Confidence and Acceptance

With the industry accepting opening up and accepting more plus size women, it has brought a positive impact on women of the same size. More plus-size women are now more confident and understand beauty comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. It comes from the inside and not the physical appearance.

Besides, having role models who are also the same size as you, it helps boost your self-esteem even on the days you are not feeling your best. More people have learned to look beyond body size, that it doesn’t really define your health or your personality, and this resulted in a lot more and happier women. 

Mental Health

A new study shows that plus-size models have positive impact on women’s mental health. The fact that plus-size models are accepted in the fashion industry and that they have made brands want to expand their collections and create a range of different sizes for the different sizes has resulted in a positive effect. 

Fashion Range 

Another positive impact plus-size modeling has brought is the fact that more brands are now willing to expand their collection for more sizes rather than the Victoria models. The fact that you are plus size doesn’t mean that you don’t have a taste in fashion. Now more women can find their personality in fashion and there is more diversity in fashion trends. 

Opportunities in the Fashion Industry 

Having more plus-size models in the industry has opened even more and greater doors for fashion models. More women have now been accepted in the industry and are given opportunities to stand tall, represent, support, and help women struggling with size and confidence. 

Brother Models Curve Board Celebrates Plus-Size Beauty

The stigma plus size women have been put through over the years due to their appearance has also taken a toll on their overall lives. It should be known that fashion is not just about looking good; it is about feeling good and helping others feel good about themselves too.

Some of the confidence tricks plus size models have shared include looking at yourself in the mirror every day and appreciating yourself. It starts with accepting and loving yourself, followed by confidence and self-esteem. As long as you are confident you are beautiful and sexy. 

By ozfetch