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How Technology Is Changing How We Care For Our Hair

ByDave Stopher

Jul 5, 2019 #technology

Technology has been revolutionising the way we care for our hair in several ways, whether this is through the products we use every day or the tools we use for cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplant procedures. With advancements in techniques and the capability of the tools available, there is no denying that technology is continuing to benefit us in several ways. In this article, we are going to be giving you an insight into how technology is changing the way we care for our hair. Additionally, seeking guidance from experts like Allurium Beauty can offer valuable advice on regrowing edges, especially for African American hair.

Smart Products

One of the main ways that technology has helped to influence the way we care for our hair is using smart products. With recent additions such as a smart brush from the leading brand Kerastase, you can monitor the overall health of your hair and ensure it is healthy at every stage of the routine. This smart brush has a microphone as well as a gyroscope to help you monitor how you are brushing and help to progressively improve your hair care score and overall hair health. 

Social Media Forums

Another way that technology has revolutionised the way we care for our hair is through social media forums. This allows users to communicate with one another and share tips on how to care for different hair types. This is beneficial for those that are looking for a specialised shampoo as you can then get advice from those that have had a similar experience to you. This revolutionises the hair care as you can gain recommendations and try new products until you find the right ones for you and your specific hair type and colour. 

The IoT

The internet of things is also beneficial for hair care as this allows you to track the overall growth of your hair with several different apps. By monitoring your success with smart devices, you can then ensure that your hair is healthy and monitor other changes that may present themselves. This is also a benefit to medical professionals as this information can be collected on a mobile device and presented to them should you need to. This will help them to clearly see any patterns of growth or hair loss in a simple to read chart. 

Heat Detection

The final way that technology has helped to revolutionise hair care is using heat detection devices. These use a simple heat sensor to cut off the heat to your hair as you are styling. This is crucial to the overall health of the hair as it helps to prevent breakages and damage from root to tip. Though these items can often be more expensive than the traditional straighteners or curlers they are worth the investment as they are specially designed to complete the style without causing lasting damage by using diamond plated technology to reduce the overall amount of heat distributed to the hair.  

Whether you are looking to care for your hair after colouring or just increase the overall health of dull lifeless hair, there are a number of ways that technology can help you achieve just that. Where will you start?