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How Technology is Making Driving Cheaper

ByDave Stopher

Jun 12, 2018

This generation is privileged to have seen the transition from manual to automation. This is not only in the transmission of vehicles but in many other sectors of society. The digitalization of the world has sped up the development of technology which makes life considerably easier.

For today, we are going to focus on technology that is making driving cheaper and how to play pokies now after saving. In a world where fuel prices are continuously increasing and the cost of everything is being reviewed up in line with inflation finding a chance to save is great.

Telematics, BlackBox Technology

This is technology that monitors how a driver is handling the vehicle. Although the telematics may seem intrusive they will save you a pretty penny. And they are not just for people who operate commercial fleets.

Telematics for Business

The latest devices that allow the use of black box technology on cars will monitor how a careful or reckless a driver is. This data is reported back to you and you can take appropriate action. The feature is an addition to previous models which only had the capacity to track giving alert when a vehicle is driven out of a geographical boundary. That capacity to monitor the movement of your fleet is money saving in its own.

Telematics For Personal Use

Insurance is one of the biggest costs of operating a motor vehicle. The cost is worse for people are classified into certain groups. Individuals classed in “high-risk” groups by underwriters are charged higher premiums than everyone else. These groups include the students and people who have just attained their driver’s licenses.

With telematics, this unfair classification is easily removed. The system will report back to the insurer on how you as an individual drive. You will no longer pay high premiums because the bulk of the people in your demographic are “high risk”.

And with the money saved using this piece of useful motoring technology you can play online pokies games. Internet-based casino games are another technology that is saving gamblers thousands of dollars. But that is a story for another day.