The thirties are a very significant decade in the cycle of your life. You must have by now completed your education and have started to climb the ladder at your work, and this is when you need to make a few important life decisions like buying a house, getting married, and having kids.

Many might say that being financially independent is not possible in your thirties because of these life decisions. So let us debunk the myth and find out what you can do to be financially in your thirties.

What Does The Term ‘Financial Independence Mean’?

There is no clear cut definition that explains what financial independence means as it can vary from person to person. In general financial independence means the capacity to pay your bill, which means you should have a stable income source that pays your expenses for the rest of your life without the need to work. It sounds a bit odd, but it is easily achievable by creating passive income, saving money for a prolonged long time, or Invest in Bitcoin.

How Can You Become Financially Independent?

There are a lot of ways by which you can become financially independent. Some are easy to do, while for some, you need to work very hard. Here we have enumerated a few key factors to understand it better.

1. Clear Your Debts

Make sure you start clearing your debts. In your twenties, you probably came out with your debt repayment plan. Otherwise, it will burden you through your thirties, and upon reaching your forties, you will still be focused on building your house instead of paying off your old debts.

2. Be Skillful And Advance In Your Profession

Search for work that takes skilled people in your field, pick out the types of companies and jobs meant for your skillset. Don’t leave out the option of going back to school if necessary to obtain some specific degree, which might help you get a better job. Also, consider moving to a city where there are more job opportunities.

3. Make Proper Investments

It would be best if you made suitable investments to make sure you get the maximum returns. Also, you need to have a profound knowledge of what you are investing in. People wanting to achieve financial independence will invest in traditional investments.

4. Reconsider Your Budget

You must have established some budget in your twenties, but the thing is, your needs, wants, dreams are very likely to change in your thirties. Hence, your budgeting will also need some modifications. Once you are in your thirties, you will have more money and more goals, so it is better to keep track of your account.

5. Make An Emergency Fund Balance

There should always be four to six months’ worth of expenditure in your emergency funds. While you will be aging towards thirty, your income and expenses are going up well, so should the amount you keep safe for your emergency fund. Life is full of uncertainties. You never know what might happen if you lose your job; you should have enough money in your emergency funds to sustain you for the next four to six months.

6. Create A Will

Man is mortal, and so are you. Don’t believe me? Try to wake up early in the morning after partying hard last night, the hangover will make you realize that you will die soon. Without creating a will, lawyers and judges decide how to split up your money and property among your children. So you must make a will.


Financial independence is something that all human beings crave. Becoming financially independent is the most liberating feeling in life, but very few end up getting it. If you want to achieve financial independence, make sure you follow these.