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How to Become More Motivated Than Ever to Improve Your Fitness in 2022

To find success with your fitness you need to be consistent. To be consistent you need to be motivated to stick to a routine – this can be the tricky part. A lot of the time, simply getting up and out the door to do your exercise is the hardest part of the workout. Once you’ve got stuck in, there’s no stopping you. So, if this is something that is a major struggle for you, then have a look at the following ways to become more motivated than ever this year when it comes to your fitness regime.

Find a Personal Trainer

We all need a helping hand once in a while – having someone to encourage you is one of the best ways to motivate you! This is no matter where you are in the UK. For example, based in Liverpool? Well, with Liverpool’s best personal trainers at your fingertips online, you can reach out, book a session, and go through all that it is you want to get out of your workouts. If you’re a people pleaser, this is certainly something that is going to encourage you, as you won’t want to let your PT down! Plus, seeing the progression plan and watching yourself improve makes it all the more satisfying which also spurs you on.

Set Clear Goals

If you put in place clear fitness goals and timescales to complete them by, then you have something solid to work towards. Be realistic though, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You want to get fit at your own pace, in the healthiest way possible. Look online (or speak to your new personal trainer?!) to find out how much progress you should make each month, considering your lifestyle and aims. Your diet also plays a part in this, particularly if you’re wanting to change your weight or gain muscle. This can be something you consider as part of your goals.

Treat Yourself

When you do meet your goals and you achieve them, celebrate this and treat yourself. This could be whatever you love – a day out, a minibreak, new gym gear, a meal at your favourite restaurant etc. Whatever is going to motivate you to get to your end fitness goal. Have this written on your calendar and hung on your wall, that way you will have a regular reminder that you have a treat awaiting you. This is a great extra incentive for you to get to where you want to be.

Workout with Friends

As we previously mentioned, having someone on hand to motivate you is great, but if you don’t want a PT right now, simply exercising with your friends is the next best option. If you have somebody to meet up with on a regular basis to exercise with, you can hold one another accountable and make sure that you complete your workouts. Motivate each other!

Over time, after working on it, the motivation will come much more naturally to you. Good luck on your fitness journey!

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