One of the core components in the care home industry is the trust between a customer, their family, and the care home. No matter where, or how, a customer is engaging with your care home, the trust they have in you is always a significant factor in every decision.  It is on this very trust that companies can grow, improve, and develop in various aspects, such generating more enquiries and move-ins. But first, that trust must be established.

Trust can be easily won – and lost – depending on several factors. This can range from the quality of your marketing, to the effectiveness of your communication. Once every area of your care home is structured to encourage a firm trust, you will certainly see an increase in the level of engagement and conversion from your residents and their families.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways that you can build trust between you and your customers. Read on to find out more.

  • Highlight customer reviews

The first, and one of the most important, methods of building customer trust is through customer reviews. These allow potential residents to learn the benefits of your care home first-hand, from previous customers. This is important, since a glowing review can convince other residents that choosing your care home is the only right decision. If one resident has benefitted hugely from your services, they may go on to tell all the others.

Ensure that at the majority of your touchpoints, you are presenting a range of positive reviews for customers to see. These reviews will highlight the best attributes of your care home, and show every customer the benefits of interacting with you. This can highly persuade customers, and their families, of your relentless professionalism, and allow them to put their trust in it.

  • Improve on your communication

The quality of your communication is also essential in building trust with customers. When interacting with your care home, all residents and families need to know that every enquiry or purchase is being handled with the utmost dedication. This reliable communication will not only help them feel valued by you, but also give them faith in your professionalism and care.

To achieve optimal communication, you would benefit greatly from software such as Mediahawk call tracking. This will provide expert call and speech analytics, to see what is leading customers to contact your care home, and how this interaction is carried out. With this data, you can adapt your communication efforts to ensure every client is given clear, sufficient engagement. The result – a stronger foundation of trust.

  • Express your care home’s values

If you want your customers and their families to trust you, you need to show them exactly why they should. The best way of doing this is to express your core care home values in every area of your marketing. When you emphasise the main aims and values that your care home has, customers can confidently see how they align with their own.

Marketing strategies can be great for this process, as it is the main way you reach your market audience. Make sure that all your touchpoints are accurately reflecting your care home’s values, and in return, you will see an increase in trusting customer relationships.

  • Fully understand your target market

Another important method of building trust is taking the time to fully know your customers. Part of the trust they place in you is knowing that you are aware of, and capable of meeting, their every need. Choosing a care home is a huge decision for every resident and their family, so they are likely to have extensive criteria that their chosen care home must meet.

Once again, marketing strategies are ideal. Using processes such as call tracking, or attribution models, can provide important data on what your potential residents are looking for. If, for instance, you can see that customers are often enquiring about staff behaviours, you can emphasise the unmatched quality of your staff team through the marketing, thus increasing customer trust.

With these essential steps, you can begin to build greater trust in your customers, turning the complex decision of choosing a care home into a no-brainer.