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How to Choose the Right Mobile Tyre Fitter


Aug 11, 2022

Mobile tyre fitting is a fairly new offer, and with tyres only being replaced – on average – every five years, it is quite possible that you have not yet needed to use the service. With such a new service, how can you tell if you are choosing the right mobile tyre fitter? Here are some ways to be sure.

Can They Come When and Where You Choose?

Mobile tyre fitters offer a tailored service and allow you to book a window for the work to be done at a time and place that is most convenient to you. The work can be done anywhere that the mobile tyre fitting van can park safely next to your car and the mechanic works between the two without any risk of harm. They can work in many places, with busy roadsides being a rare exception, even in the event of an emergency tyre repair. In those cases, your car will be moved to a safer place before the work is started.

Can They Fit Your Vehicle?

Mobile tyre fitting vans are a miracle of cunning design with a lot more packed into them than you might think is possible. The only exception to this is the new tyres that you are having fitted: tyres are bulky, and sets of four can take up a lot of space. But the beauty of the online booking system is that you can specify the work that needs to be done and provide details of your vehicle’s make and model. This allows the mobile tyre fitter to bring with them the exact tyres you will need for your car, so they do not need to carry more than one set of tyres per appointment.

Do They Have Reasonable Prices?

You can ask for a quote before committing to booking your mobile tyre fitter – and you may be very pleasantly surprised when you see the figures. Mobile tyre fitters are nimble and flexible, not tied to any one garage unless they choose to be, and can often pop in and out of various branches of one garage chain to get the most convenient and cheapest supplies without sacrificing the quality of the service they offer. This means that they are often cheaper at the point of sale than your fixed garage which must always bear their overheads in mind: rent, utilities and staff salaries must be met. Mobile tyre fitters often align themselves with big local garages which cover a large area of the region – and again, this will serve you well in terms of competitive pricing. If you are looking to book mobile tyre fitting from a reliable service provider, you can check Fife Autocentre.

Do They Offer a Fully Online Service?

Mobile tyre fitters are often semi-independent from the garages with which they are affiliated which means that offering a telephone service is not the best use of their time. Instead, they make excellent use of an online booking system which allows their customers to detail absolutely everything about the service they are looking for, from the time and date of the appointment to the location to the tyres or other products that might be needed. The system will even plot the driving time required to get from one customer to the next. This detailed system ensures that a mobile tyre fitter can be fully prepared for everything that he or she will have to deal with that day, leaving a trail of happy customers in their wake as they weave across their chosen region.

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