You are about to finish your high school or university studies and want to start a new stage abroad, either for your undergraduate or graduate degree or you want to choose universities in abroad.However, you do not know where to start to select the institution in which you will do it. There are some key factors that you must take into account to make the best decision.

These variables include the location of the institution, the process and procedures for admission, the languages, the academic offer, the cost of tuition, the accommodation options and the rankings in which the institution may appear. Therefore, CatEight school finder detail them below to help you clarify your concerns.

Institution Location

One of the issues that you should consider is the country that you will select as your destination. This will depend on your own geographical location, the language spoken there and the weather, for example. In addition, it is important that you then evaluate where the institutions that suit your preferences are located. Take into account the means of transport in the area, the economy and how accessible the route between your accommodation and the university will be.

Process and Procedures for Admission

After deciding the destination search for universities, you will travel to, you will begin to see its offer of institutions and finally you will make a shortlist of the universities that best suit you, taking into account some factors. Among them they stand out that they offer the career you want to study or that you like the city in which it is located. However, apply for universities you should ask yourself if you meet the requirements for admission and check what precautions they require (language level or average).

Academic Offer

This point is decisive to know if those universities that you liked work for you or not, because you must be sure that they include the areas of specialization that you demand within their academic offer. It could happen that the institution is located in the ideal city for you or that the cost of tuition is accessible, but they do not teach the degree you have in mind. If this happens, it is advisable to explore other options to find the one that fits your profile and vocation.

Tuition Cost

Studying in another country is expensive, especially if that destination does not allow you to work alongside your academic life. If you or your family cannot afford to invest large amounts of money to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree abroad, don’t be discouraged. We recommend that you review the costs of the degree you have in mind or the possibility of obtaining scholarships or financing.

Accommodation Options

One point that you can consider when selecting the university is the fact that it offers accommodation on campus. In this way, you could lower costs for accommodation, transportation, etc. If not, you can research what nearby alternatives you have and the average prices of renting an apartment alone, shared or living with a host family.

Rankings or Awards

One of the most well-known spheres in terms of campus evaluation and positioning is the Global University Rankings AS, conducted with the intention of helping students make knowledge comparisons between leading universities around the world. The evaluation is based on six performance indicators and is intended to evaluate universities in four areas: research, teaching, employ ability and inter nationality.

College Brochures

Finally, take into account the valuable information provided by the academic brochures, a publication produced by the institutions that contains all the necessary information about the house of study before the students apply.

These brochures usually include the history of the university, goals and mission statements, courses, facilities, charities, societies, and clubs. Having this information will give you a clearer idea of ​​the offer.

While some colleges continue to print versions of their brochures, most make them available as download versions in PDF format.


Once you make your decision, you often have to write an essay to apply to the institution. Therefore, we recommend that you plan a good period of time that allows you to think carefully and write your essay. This can affect the admission decision, so make this your priority and show all the factors you evaluated to choose that campus.