The secret to a healthy home is to keep it clean, but keeping your floors clean, especially when you have different types of flooring that require additional maintenance, can be difficult. If you follow our advice, regularly cleaning your floors won’t be a chore. It doesn’t matter if you have carpet, tiles, hardwood, or stone. We will show you how to clean them properly.

You’ll also find products made for every job that professionals approve. Keeping your floors clean requires regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. Many factors influence how you should wash your floors and how often you should do so. It would be best if you mopped floors once or twice a week. Keep the floors regularly swept if you cook so food and debris are not scooted around and scratch up your floors. The best way to protect your floor is to sweep it, not to use water. Water will damage even waxed wood floors.

Knowing your flooring type is also essential. Cleaning some mediums is more complicated than others. Care needs to be taken when cleaning hardwood floors. You should not use harsh cleaners and scrub pads to prevent scratches. Did you know companies are not required to list all the ingredients on their products? Check the EPA’s guidelines before using products on your floors to make sure you’re not using dangerous chemicals. It doesn’t take forever for you to clean your floors. Learn how to properly take care of your floors in every room of your home with these easy, stress-free tips.

Hardwood Floors

Your hardwood floors will need to be cleaned more often if you have kids or pets around the house. Keep your hardwood floors looking good by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping once a week. If you have more people walking on your floors, you should clean them more often. When dirt and grime are present on hardwood floors, they will appear dull. If that is the case, deep clean hardwood floors within two to four weeks. Cleaning and disinfecting hardwood floors can be done in one step using disinfectant-treated wet mopping cloths. These ultra-textured cloths are safe for finished wood, as well as picking up dust, dirt, and hair. Multi-surface cleaners are best for deep cleaning. You can also use this technique to wash your laminate vs vinyl flooring.

Tile Floors

It’s pretty easy to clean tile floors, which is good since this is a weekly job. Clean cloth and a broom will do. As soon as you’re done collecting your supplies, you have to sweep dry debris sand, dirt, and crumbs up. Use the cloth to clean up spills. There are several ways to help keep your tile floors clean. To avoid dirt from being tracked across the floor, use area rugs in high-traffic areas of the house, such as near entrances and entrances. In addition, when it comes time for cleaning products, choose something other than sponges because they can drive dirty water into grout lines between tiles, making dirt even harder to get out.


Always use a product formulated for carpet, especially when using a spot treatment. Avoid using stain-removing clothing products on carpets, as they need too much water, and any cleaners left behind can be dirt magnets. Choose specifically formulated products designed for your flooring type to get the best results. People often forget to take off their shoes when they come home and then track the dirt, bacteria, and mold spores all over your carpeting. This can result in a buildup of grime that can break down fibers on carpets and harbor pollutants.

Vacuum at least twice per week for best results, as well as get an annual steam cleaning done by professionals who know how to do it right. For tough stains, blot them with a washcloth. This will soak up any liquid and won’t allow the stain to sink in deeper into your fabric. It’s essential when purchasing a vacuum cleaner that you do some research on what type of flooring it can handle best as there are so many different options available.


It’s essential to clean your stone floors often and properly. It would help to sweep them regularly, especially when you’re cooking a lot, so that food doesn’t get moved around and scratch up the flooring. When it comes time to wash or mop with cleaner, be sure not to use anything too strong because stones are sensitive surfaces that can easily chip away. They can be sealed in some way, such as granite, where a sealant is applied on the top of this type of hard surface material like marble tiles or other types. This makes cleaning easier.