Relaxation is something word paying for, and so is a good environment to live in. The upside? It does not need to come at a high cost. By working with intuitive materials, simple tips and tricks, and some good dose of inspiration you can create a perfect home environment. There are many ways to boost this, whereof we will introduce a few of them in this article. 

Separating spaces in your living area

Home environments increasingly blend in with your work environment. As lots of people can work whenever and wherever there is an internet connection, the role of the home also changes. A dining table is not only functioning as a place to have your breakfast and dinner but also as a workspace. This makes it important to open and close these spaces when needed.

What we mean with opening and closing

Humans thrive on habits. Making your home tailored to these habits helps you to be more productive, as well as enjoy your home more. For example, when you are having your morning coffee, this can be associated with the nice smell of coffee and some jazz music in the background. Having these associations, the body can relax and enjoy the coffee to the full extent. This also holds for having evening dinner, adjusting the lighting and music accordingly.

Leveraging the smart home

Especially after a long day of work, it helps to ‘close’ the day by activating one of these settings. With some nice music and lighting, you can help your body to calm down and distantiate itself from work. Smart home appliances can help you achieve this very easily. Nowadays this does not need to be expensive but can be done with simple sensors and lights.

Decorate your home with plants

Plants, who does not like them? Not only can they make your home feel more comfortable and cozy, but they also improve the air quality. There are many plants out there, ranging from small to large indoor plants. You can select the plants that suit your interior based on several elements. For example, take into account the amount of light that comes into your room. If there are lots of shadows, you would typically need to have other plants than a room full of light.

Setting the scene

Large indoor plants can help you set the scene in your house. They do not only help you clean the air but they can be considered a piece of art. Ranging from a small olive tree to a palm tree, lots of styles are available. Do take into account your watering skills. Some large indoor plants require attention every week whereas others only need water on a bi-weekly basis. When selecting a plant, look at these requirements to see if it is in line with your expectations and skills.