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How to Determine the Right Flooring Perfect for Your Home?

ByDave Stopher

Jul 20, 2020 #property

The flooring is the most visible space in your house, so it only makes sense to ensure that the flooring looks good. To help you find the right balance between utility and aesthetics, we’ve created a guide that should aid you in determining the perfect flooring for your home.

The Type of Room

When you’re choosing the type of flooring, the function of the floor is very important in determining how well it will go in your home. The type of room is one of the most important factors to consider as you’re shopping for floors. For example, you don’t want to use solid wood in your basement because of the high levels of moisture that could ruin it in a relatively short time. Areas that join entryways to the house should be floored with materials that help with sweeping up dust and grit. There are special surfacing options for garages as well, which are specifically designed for handling the environment of the garage.

Floor Installation

One of the major expenses in your flooring endeavor is the installation cost; they can sometimes reach almost half of the entire cost. If you’re good with your hands as a DIYer, you may want to opt for flooring types that are easy to install such as a loose lay vinyl, which can be tightened by being laid next to each other and taped with perimeter planks. You can find more info here that should help you find the flooring that puts your DIY skills to good use. You’ll want to avoid installing ceramic or porcelain tiles at first if you’re a beginner until you’re able to hone your skills further down the line. Wall-to-wall carpets are not recommended to be done by a non-professional because they can easily bulge. Solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring should also be done by professionals to avoid damaging the wood.

Lifestyle and Family Considerations

Some flooring may be perfect for some homes, but when the tenants change, it can turn out to be less functional or more vulnerable. Children are often considered one of the main stressors of flooring due to the wear and tear that can be caused by running around, banging, falling, or playing with toys. Laminate products are often the go-to choice for a family with children because of the strong coating that makes it durable and scratch-resistant, not to mention easily cleaned. If you have pets, carpeting would be quite ineffective because it easily locks pet hair and dander into the flooring, while hardwood flooring can be easily scratched by their claws. Laminate flooring should be strong enough to handle any vigorous activity thrown at it by the pet.

You’ll want to avoid carpeted flooring if you have anyone in the house who may suffer from asthma or anything that makes them more vulnerable to allergens. Carpets can harbor debris that can be dangerous to medically vulnerable individuals. You can look for carpeting with lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) to reduce the number of airborne contaminants. Hardwood flooring is easier when it comes to cleaning, not to mention much faster, which means that it can be done regularly without a lot of effort.


While an unlimited budget will help you choose from a myriad of options, you need to consider certain factors if you’re on a tight budget. Flooring is quoted per square footage, so the bigger the size of the room the pricier it will be. You’ll often find laminate flooring suitable for lower budgets; it may not look as pretty as authentic wood, but it can still look good. You can also get to choose between tile and sheet flooring within the same price range, but take into consideration the installation costs of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

If you go a bit higher with your budget, you’ll be able to access numerous options for your floorings like local solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. You may not land exotic wood types within this budget, but you’ll be able to find high-end gorgeous laminates and vinyl tiles. As you raise your budget a bit, you’ll find many exotic types of wood that look good, in addition to being durable, such as maple, mahogany, cherry, and other luxurious types.

While the majority of people are quick to admire how aesthetically pleasing flooring may look, choosing the perfect floor for your home is relatively more complex than that. The flooring options available in the market can be overwhelming due to the different variations found between similar types. Finding the right material for your flooring is the most important step that you should prioritize when you’re shopping for the right flooring.

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