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How to Discover the Best of the Region in One Day from Manchester City Airport: A Guide to the Top Highlights and Hidden Gems

ByDave Stopher

Nov 30, 2023

How many articles have been written discussing the beauty, the history or the culture of Manchester? How many guides are there listing the top attractions to see and the best things to do in Manchester? The plethora of Manchester-related pieces in printed media and online is mind-blowing. However, there is a gap in our coverage of the city, as little is said about the area surrounding Manchester City Airport. This guide is here to fill this gap and let everyone know how to discover the best of the region in one day from Manchester Airport.

Manchester Airport Parking

The airport parking options in Manchester are endless. This is connected to the fact that Manchester Airport welcomes a large number of domestic and international travellers who have different needs and requirements. If you are one of them, the easiest way to find amazing Manchester airport parking deals at low prices is to visit bookfhr.com on any device. After completing a few search fields, you will be presented with available affordable parking services. They cover a wide spectrum of travel budgets and needs. You can choose from cheap off-site parking to VIP parking. It is important to note that there are Drop & Go spaces if you only need to stop for a minute to pick up or drop off passengers and there are different rates depending on the duration of your vehicle’s stay at a car park.

Leaving Manchester Airport

It is easy to exit Manchester Airport and start exploring the surrounding area because there are many means of transport that make their way there. Trains from Manchester Piccadilly run to Manchester Airport and vice versa every 10 minutes every day, taking 20 minutes to connect the city centre with the airport. Trams and buses are excellent alternatives. People who want comfort, and maybe a bit of luxury, after a tiring journey, can take a taxi from the designated ranks. If they prefer to avoid waiting in a long queue, they can book a private car transfer or hire a car in advance.

Top Highlights and Hidden Gems near Manchester Airport

Ready to explore fantastic attractions near Manchester Airport? Here are some gems to add to your one-day exploration of the region.

Tatton Park

Who doesn’t enjoy strolling in an enormous parkland and beautiful gardens, hoping for a chance encounter with a deer? Is there anything that can top this peaceful and relaxing experience? Indeed, there is: a tour of a stunning historic mansion with elaborate and posh decorations.


If you want to explore a cosy and friendly place, you should head to Altrincham. This market town offers a plethora of amazing food and entertainment options for day and night, with kids or not.

Hat Works Museum

Hat Works Museum is located in Stockport and is a must-visit hidden gem. There you will see how hatting machines from the Victorian era work. You’ll also learn why Stockport was the perfect place for this industry to bloom.

There are even more brilliant things to see and learn near Manchester Airport. Pack your bags, travel there, and let the area unveil places you’ve never imagined.