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How to Effectively Market Your Brand to Businesses Abroad

ByDave Stopher

Nov 23, 2021

The art of marketing can take years to master and mere seconds to get wrong. Aiming your efforts in the wrong direction can prove to be an expensive mistake, one that could be difficult to mend.

This is perhaps especially true when attempting to divert your marketing efforts towards a global stage, as the resources needed to pull off a successful expansion can certainly be substantial.

Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to market your brand to foreign businesses on faraway shores, and it all starts with the right tools and some careful planning.

Speak the Lingo

Even if your product or services are the perfect fit for a business, a language barrier can halt your efforts dead in their tracks.

Getting by on some small talk is all well and good, but a native understanding of the language and a deep knowledge of the product is needed to make any real headway and ensure that you deliver the right message.

Outsourcing might be the best way forward in this regard, so you may want to check out gsa-marketing.co.uk if you needed somewhere to start looking for expert help.

Prepare Your Website

Your online presence serves as an ideal jumping off point in terms of global connectivity, as in theory, your brand is only ever a click away from potential customers or investors.

In this regard, preparing your website for international expansion is a must. This means paying close attention to the prospect of localisation, tailoring your SEO and making sure that your content is as accessible as possible.

Culture is Crucial

What might be okay to advertise in one country, may be completely taboo in another. To avoid damaging your reputation, starting off on the wrong foot, and possibly even a big fine, researching ahead is a must.

Your efforts in cultural understanding, acceptance and sensitivity will likely end up becoming one of the main aspects of your localisation efforts, as it has the ability to influence just about every part of the marketing process, and perhaps even your product or service itself!

Targeting the Right Businesses

Finding the right targets will greatly aid you in the marketing process, particularly if your prospective new client also aspires to succeed on the international stage.

Partnering with companies that share your vision can allow you some great negotiating power, and you may even find a solid local ally in your networking endeavours.

Local support is often extremely important, as it can help you and your brand establish a strong foothold.

Creating a noticeable local presence can take time, so reaching out to local influencers and press (radio, newspapers, television, etc.) can help hurry your timeline along its way.

Don’t Neglect the Analytics

Data can give you the competitive edge and greatly aid your decision-making ability when it comes to the marketing process, so there is no need to hesitate to return to the facts and figures every once in a while.