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How To Engage Buyers With A Compelling Brand Story

ByDave Stopher

Jul 25, 2022 #Business

In a fast-paced and increasingly automated digital world, consumers and buyers now crave and demand the human touch and genuine connection with brands. This makes storytelling a powerful tool for marketers and sales representatives.

Through storytelling, you can effectively humanize your brand while better communicating the who, what, and how. The better you tell your brand’s story, the better you can stand out from your competitors and shine.

But how do you create a compelling brand story? We share some valuable tips and steps below.

Consider Partnering With The Right Creative Agency

A creative agency is a type of company that offers various services in advertising and marketing. If you need any creative work or strategy, from simple brand strategy consulting to general PR to social media marketing, a creative agency can help you get it done. In brand storytelling, a creative agency can help guide you towards crafting an authentic story that captures the imagination and attention of your audience.

When looking for a creative agency, make sure to look for someone with enough experience in the industry. Ask for their portfolio and references, who can vouch for their services and the work they did. You can understand their skill, style, and creative approach. You also want to look at their content and how they present themselves.

While you can simply make a Google search to find a creative agency, you can also use review or comparison sites. For instance, you can find your future creative agency partner at Sortlist. This website sorts potential agencies, allowing you to search, connect and get proposals for your business from marketing to web development services.

Understand Your Own Story

How can you create a compelling story if you don’t fully understand your brand? Without this clarity, it’s hard to tell the right story in the right way that resonates with your consumers.

So, before anything else, you must go back to the basics. First, you must define your brand and its core principles–purpose, values, vision, and mission. This way, you can understand what your brand is trying to achieve. Once you have a clear idea of who you are and what you do, you can start examining stories that can help you communicate just that.

Narrow Your Expertise

Once you know more about yourself, you should start narrowing down who you are. You need to find that sticky centre or the intersection of what’s weird and unique about your brand. This is where the vital brand story is formed. Once you find out what it is, you can use it to create the key messaging of your story.

Pick The Right Format

Choosing the proper format is critical to effectively communicating your brand story. For example, you might get caught up in trying to generate the trendiest and flashiest types of content. However, it would be useless if it doesn’t fit your story.

Also, it’s best to identify the format for your story before creating the content since the format can significantly influence how you craft your copy. Some popular storytelling formats include articles, e-books, explainer videos, motion graphics, and infographics.

Keep It Simple

Even though your business’s origin may take up to a few thousand words, you want to create something straightforward. That said, when stories are strongly associated with you, we tend to get wrapped up in details that we think are important, making it complex and weakening your central message.

You only need to include these three elements–problem, solution, and success. Cramming more into your story can cause it to lose momentum, which is integral to its success. So, while you may have the talent to create a complex plot like Harry Potter, you can’t use that in a brand story. In general, simple stories are well-received and are more trustworthy.

So, after creating the first draft of your brand story, try to reduce and refine it. The more you remove, the more defined and clear the final result is. So, it’s helpful to share your brand story with someone who hasn’t heard it before, helping you point out confusing parts or lacking information.


When done right, a brand story can help businesses build meaningful connections and relationships with their audiences. Ultimately, such connection and relationship can help boost brand loyalty, sales, and overall bottom line.

So, follow the above tips to help you create a compelling brand story that will entice the audience and put you on top of their minds.

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