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How to Ensure Your Flat is Totally Secure

ByDave Stopher

Jul 18, 2018 #Apartment, #Flat

Security is something which should never be taken lightly, even in today’s security-conscious world. As security measures have evolved, so too have ways to get around them, so getting the basic rights is imperative when protecting your property.

With some parts of the UK experiencing spikes in burglary, it is now more important than ever to keep your flat secure. There are numerous, simple ways you can do this, most of them being relatively low cost or even free. Here are some examples.


It may seem obvious, but it is incredibly easy to forget about your windows in relation to flat security. They are one of the main entry points for intruders, and thus constitute a potentially significant weakness in your flat’s defences. Leaving them open, especially if you live on the ground floor or lower floors, makes it incredibly easy for a burglar to enter your flat.

So, shutting windows is a must, but it doesn’t stop there. The quality of your windows will have a massive bearing on their overall security. Any weak parts, such as the window openers, should be replaced with sturdier parts from a specialist provider to ensure your flat remains secure.


It is fair to say that alarms have come an incredibly long way in the last few decades. They are now far more sophisticated, convenient and effective, utilising some of the most cutting edge technology to keep your home secure.

There are plenty of different alarms on the market, but if you want the best security then it may be worth looking into smart home-security systems, which connect to your smartphone/tablet/mobile device, and alert you whenever they are triggered. If these turn out to be too pricey, then a standard bells-only or dialler alarm may be the better option.


If you live in an older flat, or if you are unsure about the state of your locks, it is well worth checking them thoroughly to see if they are up to the task when it comes to flat security. Locks do tend to suffer from general wear and tear, as do door hinges, so if you notice any damage, be sure to get them changed.

Some people choose to install more than one lock on their doors to ensure that their flat is as watertight as possible. This is effective, but may be pricey, and one well-made lock should do the trick anyway. Also remember to lock your door, even if only going out briefly, as an experienced burglar can potentially turn your flat over in just three minutes.

These are some of the best ways to ensure that your flat is as secure as possible. Of course, all flats are different, so be sure to tailor your security measures to your flat’s individual needs, and leave no stone unturned. It could, ultimately, end up saving you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run, and, perhaps most importantly, will help you keep your peace of mind.