Video Marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends in 2020. Instagram Views usually have more interactions than photos on Instagram. So, you can use this to your advantage and post more videos to your profile to get more engagement. But if you are still not getting enough views on your Instagram videos, you can follow some of the given tips.

  1. Use video editing software to edit your videos

Your mobile device may shoot videos in high resolution. But after editing your video in a video editing software, your video will look much more professional than before. You can add visual effects and smooth transitions between one video clip and other. This will improve the quality of your videos and will be more likely to be liked and shared by people.

  1. Use the best dimension for your video

The majority of Instagram users use the platform from their mobile devices, so it is better to post videos that are suitable for a mobile user. Vertical videos are best suited for mobile users. It creates a much more immersive experience for the user when they are watching the video. It also reduces the chances of them getting distracted by any other post. So, they will stay on the video longer and engagement will increase.

  1. Repost your videos

This is a simple thing which you can do if a video of your choice didn’t receive as many views as you wanted. You can simply repost that video again. It might be possible that some of your followers might have missed the video when it was originally posted. Also, the new followers never had a chance to see that video so reposting the video will work for them. But don’t overdo it, your followers will not like repeating content again and again.

  1. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool that must be included in your videos. Hashtags increase the views of your videos by leaps and bounds. The more hashtags you use, the more views you will get. But don’t use more than 5 hashtags on a video, it looks spammy. Use hashtags that describe your video and relate to it closely. This way the users who find it through your hashtag will also start to follow you for the content you post.

  1. Post videos on peak hours

Timing plays a big role in deciding the number of views your video is going to get. Research through your Instagram Insights and find out what time suits you the best. Post videos around that time only. You would not like to see the video content you created fail to attract an audience because you didn’t post it at the right time. If you don’t post it at the right time, it might get lost in the hundreds of other posts that the users will get on their feeds.

Apart from these steps, you can always run Instagram Video Ads to increase your Video Views. In addition, you may consider buying Instagram views from is sure to bring traffic to your video and to your profile. Instagram Ads are powerful enough so that you can target the users which most definitely like your video so you can be sure that buying ads will be cost-effective.