One marketing trend that has been on the rise for quite a while now is text marketing. Many businesses now are rediscovering the power of text messages when it comes to client relations and increasing company growth rates. How does SMS messaging work when it comes to a business-client relationship? Simply put, you subscribe to a package that allows you a certain number of texts which you then use to communicate with whomever you wish. 

Some choose to hire a content writer to help craft attractive messages, but others choose to handle the texting on their own. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that a text has a 98% chance of being opened and read, according to statistics. Here is how this could help your business grow.

An Easy Way to Improve Public Relations

Text messaging is a useful tool to communicate with your existing customers and clients or to grow your client base through advertisements. Either way, both are crucial to growing your business. Through text, you can inform your clients about discounts and offers. You can also send out appointment reminders and maintain regular contact with your clients. Whether you want to check on your clients’ annual needs or confirm with them an order, there is nothing better than a personalized text to show your client that you value them. If you don’t already know, the power of a personalized text amidst a surplus of consumer-oriented advertisements can make your business stand out.

It Guarantees Viewership and a Wider Reach

One of the main struggles that face advertising agencies and marketing departments is grabbing their target audience’s attention. Nowadays we can easily scroll through advertisements on the internet without lending them the least bit of attention, and let’s not forget about ad blockers either. On the other hand, reaching an audience through texting is guaranteed to go past ad blockers and the dreaded spam folder, also known as the graveyard of ad mail. Not only that, but using SMS texts also allows a wider reach because any number you add to your list is guaranteed to receive a message directly on their phone. If you choose to add SMS messaging to your array of marketing strategies, you’ll be guaranteed that your content will be seen by your target. With that level of accuracy, there is no need to cast wide nets and hope something gets caught in them.

Cheap Marketing

You already know that texting is an accurate way of reaching out to potential and existing customers which, on some level, makes it cheaper than the alternatives because of their efficiency. Because of ad costs, a business might find itself under pressure to send out a perfect advertisement which requires additional costs on its own. With a text, there is little crafting to be done which saves you time and money, not to mention the direct advantage of text-marketing when it comes to costs. While with text-advertising you can get monthly and annual packages that allow you bulks of messages reaching up to thousands of texts, the 2020 rate for Instagram ads is 3$ per click if you’re in a competitive industry. Keep in mind that a text is usually noticed within the first five minutes it’s sent. 

They Are a Relief

Did you know that text messages can be automated? If you’re worried about the time it will take to craft and send out messages, you can put those thoughts to rest right now. Other than the fact that you can use templates and simply change the little details when you’re sending them out, there are always scheduled texts. Let’s say you have a client whose demand for your products is seasonal. 

As you’re going over the texts, you can schedule a text to be sent out a little before their selling season begins, and if you’re wondering what to do about another client appointment, you can type up the text and schedule a suitable time for it to be sent. Wouldn’t they feel valued if they receive a reminder text the day before? 

Given the value that its benefits hold, SMS is quite underrated as you can see. It’s no wonder why businesses spend ages competing against each other for ad space and a little time in the spotlight in the faint hopes of attracting new customers. Granted, the method works for some businesses and industries, but for others, a text can be more effective than a cupid’s bow. They are efficient, short, and cheap, and it’s difficult to overlook their countless benefits that contribute to growing your business.