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How to hire a foreign software developer?


Nov 17, 2020

Hiring a software developer isn’t always as simples as it sounds, there is a huge range of things to consider when you are starting the process of hiring someone, including things like salary budgets, location, and experience.

When diving into the pool of potential developers to hire, you have three options for recruitment; local – someone who is in close proximity to you, typically within 100 miles; nearshore – someone further afield, even in a different timezone to you, but not by more than an hour or two; and finally, offshore – this is someone anywhere in the world.

You may think it’s easier to start with local, but there are added benefits to hiring software developers nearshore or offshore, such as a lower salary for you to pay, different time zones keep your business more international, fewer infrastructure costs, and a much larger number of software developers to choose from. Therefore, if you are looking to hire a software developer, read on for some great advice to help you make the right choice.

  1. Hire freelancers from Upwork or Freelancer

For many people, the first place they look when recruiting is at sites such as Upwork or Freelancer, and this is a pretty good place to start. On sites like these, you can get very talented developers and workers for low prices, you can choose ones based on recommendations or other users and their experience level to ensure you get a good worker.

However, like with all things, it might not be perfect all the time, if you are paying a low salary, expect lower quality work than maybe what you’re looking for, and of course, it’s much easier for a user on these sites to scam clients with few repercussions, so be wary.

  1. Take a look at suitable candidates on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a great place for software developers to showcase their working history and qualifications, and you are sure to be able to find someone(s) to fit your needs if you keep looking.

However, just keep in mind that not only can it take you hours to trawl through profile after profile as you try to find your candidates, but it is possible that the person who catches your eye has inflated or exaggerated their CV, and their skills are not quite what they said they were.

  1. Hire a recruitment agency or offshore development center

This option will save you a lot of time and stress, like with all things in life, it’s better to leave certain jobs to someone else if it’s not your expertise and there’s no shame in seeking help. The recruitment agency or offshore development center (you can learn here – what is ODC?) will be able to handle the whole process of recruiting for you, using their skills and knowledge to seek out and hire only the exact kind of person or people you are looking for so you don’t have to spend hours surfing the net, trusting freelancers, or wasting money on anyone trying to take advantage of you.

  1. Check the candidates’ skills and previous experience

You know what skills you’re looking for from a candidate so you should always be checking to see what qualifications and skills any potential recruits have. If you’re not happy with their qualifications, then you are well within your rights to pass, you can also ask for more information if there is anything missing.

  1. The onboarding process for remote employees

Once you have your software developers, you need to correctly onboard them into the company, effectively integrating them will help both you and your dedicated team to work well together, and get the best out of your employees. Check out this extremely useful article from Qubit Labs, that goes into detail about how to onboard a new developer into your team remotely so you can be thoroughly prepared when the time comes.

Don’t get weighed down the with stress when it comes to hiring a foreign software developer, using the most relevant ODC such a Qubit Labs, or hiring the recruitment agency will help you put together your ideal team easier than ever before.

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