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How To Improve Your Marriage


Mar 21, 2018
  1. Set Limits

Your extended family should not have unfettered access to your immediate family. Have clearly defined family time and couple time for your individual unit. Also set up time that you can spend with your extended family. Make sure your family members understand that you want to see them, but you also need time to yourselves. Your relationship with your spouse and your children is the most important thing, and you must protect your time with them.

  1. Engage In Physical Affection

Touch is a very powerful part of a relationship. Touch does not have to lead to anything, and in fact, you should make sure to touch your spouse lovingly just to indicate that you care. Actions like hand holding, snuggling and just sitting next to one another can all make you feel closer. Place a priority on kissing hello and goodbye, regardless of what you have going on for the day.

  1. Verbally Express Your Love

Telling your spouse that you love them is important, even if you feel they already know. Everyone needs reassurance once in a while. The simple act of telling a person that you care helps them to feel closer to you. In addition, make sure to reach out on the phone during the day to let your spouse know you miss them.

  1. Be Intimate Regularly

It is difficult to find time to be intimate, particularly as your careers progress and your family expands. However, the sexual part of your relationship is important. How often are you intimate with your partner? If you notice that the two of you aren’t making as much time for one another as you used to, you may need to take action. At the very least, you should have sex two times per month. That physical connection helps the two of you stay close to one another and can cut back on stress as well. Don’t forget, there is nothing wrong with scheduling a time to be intimate. While spontaneity is great, the structure of your daily life may make it difficult.

  1. Give Compliments

https://claritychi.com/couples-and-marriage-counseling/ advise you give compliments to your spouse, both in private and in public as well. When you heap praise upon the person you love, they feel more connected to you. They also feel better about themselves, which improves their mood. Also, when you give compliments, you show your children how to be kind to other people.

  1. Get Creative

Try not to get into a routine. Every once in a while, shake things up and change the way you have sex with one another. Little differences can go a long way, even if you just change how you progress toward sex. When someone feels loved and wanted, it creates a deeper bond.

  1. Bestow Gifts

You don’t have to buy your spouse something expensive. However, giving them a note that you wrote, creating a card for them out of scrap material or just picking up a little something you know they would like are all gestures that lead to further intimacy. Try to think of new ways to surprise your loved one, and they will likely do the same for you.

  1. Look At Your Partner

When you are being intimate, look into the face of the person you love. This is normally a vulnerable time, so by gazing into the eyes of your spouse, you are opening yourself up to them. That makes the moment that much more intimate.

  1. Go On Dates

Don’t forget to wine and dine your loved one. Schedule a date once a week (or twice a month, if you can’t do it as frequently). Just have fun with each other. Schedule a separate time to talk about any family business so that you keep your date nights sacred.

By Emily