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How to increase the solar battery lifespan


Dec 7, 2021

The lifespan of a battery is an essential factor that needs more consideration. Manufacturers need to ensure batteries are durable, reliable, and enhance energy production. The battery design alone should resist the cold and heat cycles. 

When choosing the solar panels cost Ireland, it’s vital to check the battery type used. There are different battery types for solar panel systems. Some are more durable than others using the same power source. Despite the battery design, it will not offer a more extended service if you don’t maintain it well. 

Here, you will get the factors that affect the lifespan of solar power batteries. 

Control the number of batteries

Try to limit the number of batteries used at the bank. Using many batteries will increase resistance and connection, resulting in equal charging. You need to reduce the number of batters to sixteen or less. 

Boost equalization on solar batteries

Equalization of batteries means the overcharging process of the solar batteries. It happens in a regulated manner. When a battery has unequal charging, the outcome is plates sulphation. Battery overcharging removes plates sulphation via gassing. The best batteries have solar charge controllers to inhibit overcharging. 

Don’t let the batteries be in an uncharged state for long

You will damage your solar battery if it stays for a longer time uncharged. Make sure your power source always charges the battery to enable continuous charging. 

Rotate your batteries

If you own a big bank of batteries, you need to rotate your batteries within the bank periodically. Batteries near the bank’s middle will not get a reasonable charge as batteries on the outside. When you rotate the batteries, you will help balance the uneven charging problem.

Use large interconnecting cables

When you use large interconnect cables on your batteries, you reduce the resistance. You will even reduce the charge. 

Only use distilled water

Adding more electrolytes will do more harm than good to your solar battery. Try to use distilled water instead of the other addictive. 

Charge the battery well

There is no shortcut to proper charging of your solar panel battery. Unfortunately, it’s hard to verify that battery desolators will increase the lifespan. The decision to use desolators is up to you, and it will cost you more money. 

Allow boiling or gassing

Boiling or gassing is normal for batteries, and it’s a critical part of good charging. Your battery needs to gas regularly, most preferably daily. The process will give hydrogen and water. It makes it very important for your battery bank to have proper ventilation. You will limit hydrogen buildup. 

 Factors that affect the lifespan of a battery

Three core factors affect the durability of solar panels. The three are the battery temperature, depth of discharge, and cyclic life. 

The cyclic life

You can determine the lifespan of a solar battery by looking at its cyclic life. Lead-acid batteries give 300 to 700 cycles, and gel cell batteries provide 500 to 5000. Lithium batteries offer 2000 cycles. 

Depth of temperature (DoD)

The discharge depth refers to the extent to which you can use a solar battery to its greatest capacity. Batteries die when charging or discharging. It lowers the ability to store more energy for use. A battery with a standard capacity of 100kWh at 60% will have a remaining charge of 40kWh. 


A battery gets higher chemical activities when stored under high temperatures. It makes the solar batteries less efficient in the cold season. 


Solar batteries are the best when used together. If you need to grow greener, maintain the solar energy value or set the most reliable power bucker. Solar batteries are the best for you.

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