Living in collusion with nature might seem impossible to you if you’re living in the heart of the city. It’s not really easy to make eco-friendly lifestyle decisions if you haven’t already been applying some of these practices in your house. However, you might be surprised at how you can easily start integrating natural elements into your daily life without having to turn it upside down. In doing so, you will create a healthier environment that promotes mental and physical well-being. If you want to know how you can do this, continue reading the following guide. 

Change Your Diet

Living in a bustling city warrants eating foods of all shapes, sizes, smells, and tastes, but unfortunately, not all of these options are healthy. These foods are also grown and delivered to us in unsustainable methods. For example, vegetables and fruits are grown using pesticides and chemicals that contribute to polluting the water and soil. While there is still no scientific evidence to prove that they have a direct effect on crops, these harmful chemicals still come into contact with vegetables and fruits that we consume every day. In addition to this, green gas emissions increase gradually due to animal agriculture. Overusing the soil can cause soil poisoning and desertification.

If you want to take a positive stance against this, there are other great alternatives that you can consider like getting your supplies from the farmer’s market to ensure that your groceries are 100% organic. Another option is to grow your own vegetables and fruits. Growing your own garden might seem like a difficult task, but it certainly is doable if you have the space for it.

Manage Your Waste

Successful waste management starts with reducing your waste, segregating it, reusing it, and finally, recycling it. The first rule you should follow is to avoid using plastics as much as possible. Don’t use plastic containers for storage and opt for glass ones instead, as they are better for your family and the environment alike. When you go shopping, bring your own shopping bag and avoid bringing plastic bags back home with you. Composting your kitchen waste is another great option for waste management, as it will reduce your organic waste and provide you with high-quality compost for your garden.

When it comes to using detergents, a lot of people choose to make their own detergents at home, as using zero-waste products is one of the best strategies of waste management. The environmentally-conscious folks from recommend doing a little research to find a wealth of information on how you can make your own zero-waste detergents at home. With just a few clicks, you will also find better ways to cut paper-based and plastic-based products from your life in favor of more eco-friendly options. 

Dress Sustainably

If you check the statistics over the last few years, you’ll find that we now buy 400% more clothes than we used to 20 years ago, and only 15% of our clothes are being recycled. What’s even worse is that 7 gallons of water go into the manufacturing process of only one shirt. Taking these facts into consideration, one should note that purchasing a lot of clothes is not a very eco-friendly choice to make. If you’re buying something that you’re probably going to wear only once or twice, you shouldn’t buy it. Fashion trends change overnight and you’ll find yourself in need of more clothes every time a new trend emerges. To dress sustainably, you’ll have to buy fewer pieces that are both durable and of a high-quality. 

Consider Joining Green Living Communities

If anything is going to help you feel like you’re not alone in this, it’s the people you’ll meet in green living Communities. Joining a green living community gives you a great chance to share your thoughts on green living and will provide you with more tips on how to integrate nature in your lifestyle, even if you live in the city. Finding more people who share your beliefs will also help with your personal growth. Green living communities will make transforming your life a lot easier and will encourage other people to follow your example and integrate nature into their lives as well.

Now that you know a bit about going green, taking the first steps in that regard shouldn’t be too hard for you. Even if you live in a big city, adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is still achievable. So, start making plans to transform your life and enjoy all the advantages of living in collusion with nature!