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ByDave Stopher

May 18, 2021 #Gaming

Sports betting is making its way to homes worldwide. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it’s also another way to make money. Although we’re not recommending to bank on this lifestyle for your main source of income if you’re a newbie, but for now, you can consider this extra income. That’s if you learn the ropes of sports betting first.

Don’t worry. We won’t leave you in the dark. We’ll tell you how to master sports betting and make it a lucrative sideline.

1. Know the game

The best tip we can give you to make sure you join this game prepared is to know the game. Make sure that you know the rules of betting, learn the lingo, and study statistics. This is the only way you can be more confident when betting.

Plus, it also helps if you always stay vigilant on fraudulent sites. Make sure you pick sites that are verified by teams like 슈어맨 (Sureman). Never give in to scammers or fraudsters who are only trying to augment your losses.

Apart from that, try to get updates on sports betting all the time subscribing to email newsletters. You may also consult experts or your friends who are into sports betting.

2. Bet on the right events

Most sports bettors are probably into football or basketball. It’s safe to say that when betting on sports, they also tend to pick these two top sports on their list. However, these are the toughest events to gain profit.

Whether you like baseball or not, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see earnings form this sport in the long run. Another event you can bet in is hockey. Of course, that doesn’t make you an instant winner too. You’ll have to know the ins and outs of these two events before betting.

3. Don’t bet on every televised game

Another thing to consider when sports betting is to not bet on every TV game aired. When you see these televised games, you’re instantly compelled to bet on them. However, if you bet on it, you can be seeing losses big time.

Imagine putting your wager on five to seven TV games a night and losing all of them on a single night. That will accumulate over time. But if you really do want to bet on a televised game, make sure your bet is roughly around one-fourth of the typical bets you shell out.

4. Manage your budget

One thing that sports bettors are doing wrong is if they don’t manage their bankroll. If you’re just starting out, this is crucial because you don’t want to lose all your money in your first few bets. This will not only discourage you but it could potentially give you a bad perspective on sports betting.

Always manage your bankroll. A good rule of thumb is to always bet around one to five percent of your total bankroll on every bet. A good median bet would be somewhere around three percent on every bet.

5. Never bet angry

One rule in sports betting is to never chase after your losses. When you’ve had a losing streak, it can be tempting to chase after your losses due to anger. However, this will backfire. If you’re betting angry (or intoxicated), you’ll have a cloudy judgment. A pro tip would be to always bet when you’re sober.

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