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How to Make Your Home Feel More Personal


Apr 21, 2020

As people spend the foreseeable future in their own homes, there has never been a better time to start making your home feel more personal. While many people might be tempted to make home improvements that result in their home looking stylish or contemporary, this doesn’t always mean that it has turned a house into a home. You can use  places such as Buy Best Home Supplies – BestHomeSupplies.com. For some people, they need to take a slightly different approach in trying to make their home feel cosier and more unique to them. Here are 5 ways you can do just that.

Add wall art

What better way to add personalisation to your home than through your walls? The best thing about this is that you aren’t restricted to where you can personalise your home. You can place wall art in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, laundry room, your bedroom, or the kids’ bedrooms. Why not consider putting up one of your favourite quotes in the hallway, or put up a chalkboard wall sticker that can be written upon and wiped clean time and time again, for example?

You could even get the kids involved and let them choose what type of wall stickers they want, from personalised name stickers to quotes and silhouettes of their favourite things, such as football or ballet. Just take a look at the Aspect Wall Art stickers to kickstart your home improvements project and find the perfect one for you.

Add photos

Another way you can step up your home improvement game is by printing out photos, putting them into frames, and hanging them on the walls or placing them upon bookcases, shelving, or desks. This will really add a touch of personalisation to your home without too much trouble.

Think of your favourite colours

When trying to bring across more personality, think about things you like. Is there a particular colour that resonates with you? Perhaps, you love the colour orange because it reminds you of the autumn walks you went on as a child, or you love red because it reminds you of the first bunch of flowers your partner bought you. There doesn’t even have to be a reason. It could just simply make you happy. If you and your family have a love for this colour, then this is you bringing out your personality through the colour of your walls, furniture, or home items.

Display your accomplishments

One sure-fire way to make your home feel more personal is to have items out on display that show who you are and what you’ve done. If your child has taken part in a competition and won, then display the trophy proudly. Not many other people will have this kind of display. It will be unique to you. Having pride in what you and your family have achieved will play a huge part in how personal you make you home. Display your medals, show off your trophies, and hang up your certifications, and be proud of what you have all achieved.

Add sentimental pieces

The best items in your home are usually the ones that have a story behind them, so don’t keep them locked away in a cupboard or tucked away under the bed, display these items too. Whether this is old ticket concerts, your favourite t-shirt that is too small for you, or your favourite album cover, get creative and find solutions that can ensure you can display these items around your home. One quick solution to get you started on old tickets that you can’t bear to part with is to frame them.

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