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How to plan a last-minute move using house removal companies near me


Feb 22, 2022

Moving house comes with a lot of stress and inconvenience. Many circumstances can make you move earlier than you expected. It might be that you got a transfer at work, you have some issue with your landlord OR you need to move in with a partner on short notice. Either way, you will need to relocate on such short notice. It may seem impossible but with the right house removal companies near me and a detailed plan, you can pull it off.

When you are working on a tight schedule with so little time at your disposal you have to organize and plan out how you want the move to be. First, you will need to select a good and reliable house removal companies near me. Selecting a reliable removal company is crucial to having a hassle-free move on short notice. A reliable house removal companies near me can either make your last-minute move a success or a disaster.

Once you find a reliable house removal companies near me, you should start organizing your stuff little by little. A move on short notice might look difficult but with the right moving tips you can scale through. Myconstructor.co.uk has drafted this guide to give you a few last-minute moving tips.

Effective tips for moving on short notice.

  1.       Make a detailed plan to kick-start your move.

The burden associated with last-minute moves can be overwhelming, but you should not waste the little time you have thinking about the problem, rather you should start thinking of a solution. Start by making an inventory of your belongings. Go through your house and note which items will come with you to the new location. Also make a list of properties that will be disposed of, things that will be donated as well as things that need repairs.  


  1.       Book a house removal companies near me as soon as possible.

It is advised to book a house removal companies near me ahead of time. Usually, 4-6 weeks before the big day. However, since you are in a bit of a fix and need to move almost immediately, you can book a house removal companies near me on short notice although you can be charged extra for last-minute moves.


Removals companies near me are great for moving on short notice. You might be rattled by the short notice but a good house removal companies near me doesn’t get rattled by short deadlines. If anything, they will be more than happy to accept the challenge.


 Although you are moving on short notice, it is still ideal that you book at least 7 days before the big day. This will give the house removal companies near me some time to prepare for the move.


  1.       Mark up a tentative date for moving.

You should select a tentative date you would like to move. This will keep you on your toes when making arrangements for moving. You should have a set deadline at the back of your mind. This helps a lot for moves at the last minute.


When selecting a date for the move, try to choose a day that is not too busy. The competition for moving house can be on the high side if it is a busy day and you might not get reliable house removals companies near me if you slate your move on a busy day (especially, since it’s on short notice). It is often advised to avoid Fridays because most people are more likely to move on a weekend than on a weekday. You can move on a Sunday. Many people do not move on Sundays so this will be a great day to move your house.


  1.       Manage your time properly.

Always be time conscious when packing your belongings. Be chill and enjoy the moment but do not waste time being indecisive. Pack your things room by room. Do not waste so much time thinking on what to keep and what to dispose of. Be decisive, you either keep an item or you don’t.


Look for reliable house removal companies near me and hire one as soon as possible. Do not waste so much time on the internet vetting every house removal companies near me. Every second counts.

  1.       Start packing on time.

For a short notice move to be successful, you have to be proactive. Start packing on time. If you cannot pack all alone you can hire a house removal companies near me to help you with that. Most removal companies near me offer packing services and can easily take up the job if you’re too busy to do it yourself.

Packing on time saves you a lot of time. It also helps you beat the deadline as well as avoid many disappointments.

  1.       Ask for help if you need it.

There is a limit to what a house removal companies near me can do. A house removal companies near me can pack, load, and offload your belongings. They can be a great asset for a last-minute move. However, they cannot do it all. Do not be shy to ask for help from family, friends, and even neighbors. You will be shocked at the number of people that will willingly come to your aid when you ask.

Family and friends can help you decongest and organize your belongings. They can even help you look after children and pets when you’re too busy. Unwanted property can even be bought off by family and friends.

  1.       Try not to panic.

When it comes to last-minute moves, there is every tendency to panic. Try to keep a cool head. Work hard and smart. Make a checklist of things you want to achieve and steadily work towards accomplishing them. They may seem impossible at first but with consistency, you’d be settled in your new location in no distant time.

Μyconstructor.co.uk is committed to providing its clients with a memorable moving house experience even if it is on short notice. Book your appointment for your house removal companies near me today! If you are in a bit of a fix because of a last-minute move, contact us and you can be sure to receive the best of services.


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