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How to Renew NADRA Expired NICOP?

Every Overseas Pakistani is well aware of how difficult it is to obtain or renew their expired NICOPs. Obtaining the NICOP requires standing in long lines outside the NADRA offices. However, you may now renew your expired NICOP at your home thanks to NADRA Card Center. This procedure is simple and trouble-free. You can use NADRA Card Center from the convenience of your homes to request the issuance or renewal of your NICOP. Visit the NADRA Card Center website and get in touch with a representative to receive your NADRA Card. Remember, all you need to do is get in touch with our agents via WhatsApp or Online Chat. To be eligible to apply for your NADRA Card Renewal UK, you must follow the following points.

If the applicant’s family head has passed away, the applicant must first cancel the deceased person’s NADRA card before reapplying for a new one. However, if the head of the family’s card has expired, both the applicant and the head of the family may apply for card renewals at the same time. So, here’s how to renew your NICOP if it has expired and you want to get it again.

Things you need for Renewal of Your Expired NICOP:

How long the application process will take?

Our application procedure is made to finish up in the least amount of time. The whole process will take two to three days. If you choose our executive services, your card must arrive in 7 to 10 business days; if you choose our standard service, it must arrive in 30 to 45 business days.

We have established doorstep mailing of your documents for the first time in history. By working totally online, and sending the documents on time to you, NADRA Card Center makes NADRA Card tracking in the UK even simpler and more comfortable. Whenever you need them, we can bring your documents right to your door.

We save your precious time:

People usually don’t realize their NADRA Card UK has expired until they really need it and are then no longer able to take advantage of the many benefits they could or did. In order to save your time and money, NADRA Card Center offers online services so you with the comfort of your home.

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