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How to Ride to Work without Getting Sweaty


Apr 19, 2021

Sweating is one of the consequences of practicing sports; however, there are situations in which it is not comfortable at all. If you go to work by bike, for example, the last thing you want is to start your workday with a sweat ring in the area of ​​your armpits or with a bad smell. That is why we want to give you some tips to avoid a bad time.

Leave home early. This will help you to make the journey with peace of mind, to feel the breeze on your face and to pass the small suffocation that you will suffer after you stop pedaling, in the shade of a tree or sitting in your place before starting work.

Keep pedaling smooth throughout the ride. You can even try to slow down in the final part, this way your body will be tempered and you will avoid sweating too much at the end of the road.

Check your posture. Even if you haven’t thought about it, an upright posture helps you relax and feel the air on your face. For this reason, when you go around the city, it is best to use a touring bike, the others force you to use a more aggressive posture, which also encourages you to go faster (and sweat more).

Don’t lose sight of your wardrobe. Wearing tight clothing is not comfortable when you ride a bike. Loose-fitting garments made of breathable fabrics will help air flow through it, dry your sweat and make you feel good.

Technical jerseys are salvation. To avoid sweat marks on your work clothes, ideally wear a technical undershirt. In this way, everything you perspire will stay on it and then you will only have to take it off to start your workday like any other day.

No backpacks. The back is one of the largest sweat evaporation areas on your body. So if you use a backpack, you will be blocking it and you will most likely end up wet. Carrying your things in a luggage rack, bicycle saddlebags or a small shoulder bag can be the perfect solution.

Always have a survival kit on hand. Some emergency clothing, deodorant, cologne and a comb (for when you take off your helmet) are essential. So you can finish your trip to work looking good and without any sweat.

Increase your feeling of comfort on all roads with the special garments; the Colombian brand specialized in cycling clothing that also gives you clues on how to treat high levels of sweat in your training sessions or competitions.

Excessive sweating not only causes discomfort when cycling, but also reduces the level of sodium in the blood, making it difficult for the rider to maintain performance.

Although the levels of sweating in the body vary depending on the specific conditions of each organism (some people sweat more than others), it must be taken into account that in the midst of very demanding routines the body will be forced to expel water with the objective of cooling down, maintaining the correct temperature and eliminating toxins.

Tips for staying comfortable on the bike

As we mentioned a little earlier, it is very important to use special cycling clothing because it is made with smart fabrics that allow moisture transport and quick drying, a fundamental aspect to reduce the high levels of sweat that the body expels.

One of the most popular options on the market are the Navigli Clothing jerseys, which have fibers that absorb and expel moisture quickly, keeping the garment dry to allow greater adjustment and comfort in movements.

In addition to comfort, you must take care of the level of hygiene, because when the athlete is doing sports and does not wear the appropriate clothing the proportion of bacteria increases and that is why it is very common for bad odors to be generated. Navigli jersey fabric offers antibacterial properties that mitigate odor as much as possible and allow superior cleaning thanks to its micro-perforations for maximum moisture perspiration.

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