Any seasoned camper knows that the best time to go out for camping is during the colder months. Not only is the weather beautiful but you also avoid the crowds of other campuses. Before you venture out in the cold, you should have the right here with you. That is why it is recommended to go for the woolen blankets and sleeping bags as your Shield from the cold but you will often need something more. Here we will look for the best woolen blanket for camping and Camping Pursuits did a good comparison of all the blankets.

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Military Wool Blanket

This is a heavy duty wool blanket, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The military wool blanket is heavy on weighing nearly 4.5 pounds and has a density of 600 grams per square metre. It is lovely and thick, capable of keeping you warm in the cold winter. In these blankets 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibres, which provides durability and washability, is used. It is washable in the machine if it fits your washer and it can be even tumble dried on a low heat setting. As it has a large amount of wool it can keep you warm even when wet. Water can’t penetrate keeping you dry and cozy inside. This blanket looks great as its Loom woven with hems on all sides finished with contrast lock stitching. There are three colours to choose from military grey, navy blue and olive green. The blanket is large and it has room for everyone. It measures 64 by 88 inches

Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets are very like emergency blankets with respect to usefulness yet offer a sturdier and tough arrangement. They are intended to give warmth under outrageous conditions and can be utilized more than once, not at all like emergency blankets. Be that as it may, the main downside of a thermal sheet is that they don’t feel as great as fleece or wool cover.

Emergency Blankets

These little, convenient blankets generally have a short life expectancy and can wear off rapidly, yet give you a speedy arrangement in crises. They are cost effective, and you can even fit more than one sheet in a solitary pocket. An emergency cover isn’t a perfect camping accessory – they are intended for emergency purposes. As a matter of fact, they are instrumental as they go about as a resistance against the wind.It is always a smart idea to carry few of these on camping or other outdoor or adventure trips. 

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Puffy Blankets

A truly solid option in contrast to a sleeping bag is the puffy packable cover or blanket. These blankets require less pressing space and offer a phenomenal thermal rating. The great part about puffy packable blankets is that they can be utilized for an assortment of activities including hiking, camping, picnicking, or other outdoor activities. They are tough and offer to some degree comparative comfort and warmth true to form from a sleeping bag, however don’t confine your developments. If you are an eager sleeper, at that point a puffy packable cover would be a superior alternative than sleeping bags.