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How To Select The Best Contest Ideas?


Apr 15, 2019

Contests are one of the best promotion tactics that are used to gain more customers. They also help to make the customers interactive. This is very important to identify the need of the customer. And it will help the brand change itself according to the changing needs of the customer. By this, the brand can hold its position in the market

Here are some suggestions and tips on contest ideas

Social Media

If the brand is on the social media, make it irresistible to enter the profile even if one does not want to. For instance provide entriesto users in exchange of engaging with the brand’s profile. The first step of bringing in the customers or in other words informing the customer about the business or product is challenging. Therefore the contest idea of marketing at this stage should be forcing the customer within their limits and controls to engage with the product.

Naming The Product

If a person is launching a new brand, he can throw a contest to the customers to name his product. It is not necessary the strategy has to be used on new brands or products; it can also be applied to old brands. One can always rename the product. However, do not rename it if the brand has already established a stand. After the contest award the winner. One can also use voting mechanisms to determine the winner.

Logo Design

If the product is new to the market, throw a logo designing contest to the customers. Use the logo for the event or campaigning and award the winning customer and credit him for his invention. This contest idea is commonly used by the apparel companies. This is the best and most workable contest ideas as both the parties are benefitted. The winner gains fame and the retailer get free logo design.

Selfie Contests

With selfies trending all over the world, one can create a contest to post a good selfie on the topic of how to use the product or funny ways to use the product, etc,. The idea is to make it interactive. Encourage the participants to be as creative as possible.

Fill in the Blanks

Write sentences from the blog. For instance, fill in the blanks: XYZ was founded on ____ date?

ABC changed my life by_______________

This will force the users to search answers inside the product’s website.

Promote The Contest Ideas

  • Influencers – Influencers are the user profiles with thousands of followers. After deciding on the contest idea one can even promote the contest through these influencers. As the number of followers of the influencers is large, the contest spreads faster. As the influencers are liked by the followers they pay additional interest to the details in the contest about the product.
  • Ads – Create 10 seconds ad about the contest and propagate it through platforms like Google ads and YouTube.
  • Partnering – Apart from the above 2 methods, one can also partner with a contest that is already running successfully.

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