We live in the age of social media and the internet. Everything we do are affected by an online element or another. In essence it is as if we were an umbilical cord. Since a large portion of our lives are based on the internet and reputation is not an exception. Social structure and growth as a carrier and brand value, or business growth are all dependent upon our reputation online. There are numerous quotes on reputations. However, the impact of online reputation goes beyond those claims and affects our reputation in ways we’ve never imagined. It is therefore essential to create a stellar online reputation. Let’s find out how we can make or build a positive online reputation.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management, or ORM is a broad term which aims to create an image that is positive for the brand, company or individual. Reputation management entails the monitoring of reputation, taking action on any feedback or content that may harm the reputation of the brand, and implementing strategies to stop and fix issues that can affect the reputation of an entity.

When you are aware of the web-based landscape surrounding your business is, it’s the right time to establish an effective online reputation management plan. Before we go deep into the details you must get your priorities right.

ORM Prioritization

The process of starting managing your online reputation may seem daunting. This is why prioritizing is crucial since you can’t take every mention in turn. When your audit is finished it will be much easier to determine which areas to concentrate on the most. Make sure to consider balancing some of the factors that could influence your choice:

Configure your goals for managing online reputation:

If it’s about speed of response it is best to look at platforms with direct access. You can filter your mentions using the Brand Monitoring tool by these parameters and track them.

Prioritize tasks:

What are the most important tasks that should be tackled first? It is essential to have a strategy to handle difficult and important tasks. Selecting the easiest tasks first is not always the best choice.

Limitations and boundaries: limits:

Examine how much time and money you are able to allocate to your ORM project. Remember that it is an ongoing project. Be real in your assessment.

Make your orm more important based on its impact:

While you might feel that you must handle everything simultaneously Be realistic about the size of your task. Impact is the most important factor to consider when choosing a candidate since you must try and place your resources in the channels that will have the most risk to your business.

If you take into consideration these elements, you can make a matrix similar to that below. any channels that meet these parameters the most may be the ones that you begin working on.


This guide should be a good starting place for your efforts in managing your online reputation. If, in the meantime you believe we’ve missed something crucial or you’d like to share your personal ORM experiences, please share your thoughts into the comments section.