Bingo might not be the first idea that springs to mind when thinking about a business venture. However, you might be surprised to learn that bingo is a very reputable business, being loved across the western world for centuries up to the present day.

If you are thinking about opening up a bingo parlour, then this piece is for you. Here are some top tips on how to start up and what you need to know.

Why Start a Bingo Parlour Business?

One of the arguments for starting a business in bingo is that bingo has stood the test of time since it was first introduced in the 1500s, which, if nothing else, is extremely impressive.

And not only that, bingo is fun! It is an extremely popular game that brings in thousands of people, and who does not want a business that allows people to have fun?

There are some upfront costs as there is with many businesses and some formalities to go through, but this is not any more difficult than starting a regular business!

Check State Regulations

The first thing to do is will be to check your independent state laws. Because laws vary across states, it determines what you can and cannot do when it comes to opening a business, and even more specifically, businesses which involve gambling, which can often have some restrictions. For example, non-profits are excluded from gambling restrictions, which is great for community activity but not so great for those who are wanting to make a living. So, bingo businesses will usually have to make money with additional revenue streams.

Making Money from a Bingo Business

Because of the laws surrounding non-profits and gambling, you will need to be prepared to have other ideas for income. Some of the most common and well-received ideas is a bar and food. You need a license to sell alcohol, but having this option available to bingo players will bring in additional revenue and help you compete with other bingo businesses who are not permitted to serve alcohol.

Serving food will always go down well, too, as who does not love a snack when they are playing a game? This is also a good way to offer a complete night out and can draw in customers in over the choice of staying at home to play online bingo.

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Review the Competition

This ties in with reviewing the competition because it is important to find out what your competitors are offering, including online, to see what you can do better and what is already working for them. If possible, you will want to offer a unique and individual experience to what is already out there, which will help you stand out against all competition and give a reason for people to come to your bingo parlour over anyone else’s!