You will want to get things started correctly if you are interested in launching a private hire or taxi business. For any company, customer and worker safety should be prioritized. Start your own private hire business with the following tips.

Contact The Local Council For Licensing

You need to seek the permission of the local authorities to provide a customer service. You therefore need to apply for a private hire license from your local council, wherever you decide to set up your new operation. You might be asked to provide a variety of information from office risk assessments and radio wave license to driver medical tests, as each council has their own unique application process and requirements simply because they are ran locally.

Get The Vehicles Needed Through Leasing

To ensure that all the cars in use are in perfect shape and satisfy the highest standards, it might be best to lease the entire fleet. You can also consider subcontracting drivers who come with their own vehicles. While you will not be responsible for the vehicles, you still get to work efficiently this way. However, the true quality and condition of the vehicles will be unknown to you as you cannot maintain them yourself.

You can trust that you are getting the best vehicles, with minimal emissions, by securing your fleet through leasing. Since most providers offer warranties and full servicing as standard, leasing is ideal. Insuring your fleet will also cost less as the vehicles are usually in great condition.

Get Some Cover Against Breakdowns

Your vehicles are bound to suffer from accelerated wear and tear as more customers use your service. Maintaining and servicing all vehicles on a regular basis will go a long way towards preventing unnecessary breakdowns. However, every now and then, unexpected breakdowns do occur. Getting sufficient cover for taxis is highly recommended as way of ensuring that all your drivers are protected. Your drivers, and clients as well, will feel safer and happier knowing that they can get back on the road as fast as possible should the worst happen; so be sure to get a reliable provider.

Get The Right Insurance Cover

Your private hire and taxi vehicles need a different type of insurance policy from the standard insurance used for personal vehicles. This website allows you to compare taxi insurance.

It is also worthwhile for you to get business contents insurance for your offices in addition to the comprehensive corporate multi-car insurance cover for your vehicles. The former will help protect computer booking systems, radios, GPS and any other type of equipment therein from theft, damage or loss.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Workers And Clients

It is essential for employers to prioritize safety. Busy roads are a high-risk environment; thus making safety a concern. All drivers should be taken through official training to evaluate their ability to operate the vehicles in use, and thus keep all workers and clients as safe as possible.

To ensure the safety of all vehicle operators and clients on the road you should conduct a formal evaluation. This way, all drivers will be held accountable for their actions in addition to minimizing risks. To ensure that your workers do not have a criminal history, be sure to conduct background checks on each one as well. Finally, remember to look up their driving record.