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How to Turn Passion Into Profit: Three Famous Instagram Photographers Reveal Their Tips

With Instagram boasting a loyal community of 1 billion monthly active users according to recent figures (Statista, 2018), this can be the perfect platform for entrepreneurial types to turn their creative skills into profit. But with so many talented content creators striving to cut through the noise, how can you create a presence for yourself?

As part of the ‘O2 Sessions’ campaign, three famous Instagram photographers reveal their top tips for turning passion into a successful entrepreneurial venture.

  1. Personal branding defines you

Neil Andrews, a greeting cards salesman turned glob trotting photographer at @mumhad1ofthose, swears by the importance of having your own defining features, which includes everything from photography style to personal branding: “Now it’s in the picture with perspective and leading lines and something a bit more unusual. When I go out shooting, virtually every day now, I wear a hat because that’s what people recognise me for. It’s like my personal branding.”

  1. Storytelling is key

Beautifully edited pictures are not enough to draw the Instagram crowds anymore, you need to tell a story that will keep readers coming back for more. Neil Andrews does so by shooting urban landscapes with interesting lines and perspectives: “That way of directing the viewer’s gaze is how you tell a story with a picture.” Similarly, portrait master Vicky Grout thinks connecting with your subject is what helps you tell a meaningful story: “When I’m shooting real people, I’m just documenting that person’s story and that’s what naturally comes over in the images.”

  1. Find your niche

Great photography is about bringing passion into your work, but in today’s competitive market, success means bringing something new and original to the table. Bal Bhatla (AKA Mr Whisper) loves venturing out after dark to capture London at night, and has become famous for his unique light trails. For Vicky Grout on the other hand, it was shooting Grime scene celebrities that got her work noticed by top fashion magazines and helped define her style.

  1. If at first you don’t succeed…

With over 95 million posts uploaded to Instagram every day, making a presence for yourself is no easy feat. “There are always hard times, but sticking to it is the difference between success and failure. It’s a long journey and there are no short cuts”, says professional photographer Bal Bhatla, who turned his hobby into a dream job.

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