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How to turn your small business brand into the online world


Oct 5, 2021 #Business, #digital

The covid-19 pandemic has made people realize the need for an online business. Since everybody is going online today, it’s essential to avoid old websites. If your company has been on the web operating for a long time, your branding might not be suitable for web use. Though it looks like marketing jargon, a business brand is your company’s appearance. The website maintenance cost will be low if you choose to run a business online. 

The following steps will take your business to the online world.

Choosing a business domain name

Choosing a domain name and hosting are the first things for a business to go online. The most significant part of the business brand is the name. The branding brisbane is a consistent task makers it vital to have a domain name that matches the company name. If the domain chosen is unavailable, check the names of other businesses in the area. The area names or product/ service names can aid in refurbishing a domain to make it distinct from others.

Logo design

It’s essential to change the logo design when bringing a business online. The reason is that the old logo designs are somehow complicated and, at times, unusable online. Many companies use badges and crests, and sketch-based logos. In some circumstances, they use the old-style graphics as logos. Website branding comes to form the logo, and so if a logo isn’t fit for digital presence, then update it. Dramatic updates refresh old logos to fit the modern logo designs. A business will not lose its current brand identity, but the dramatic update will take it online.

Brand topography and colors

Once a business logo gets sorted, think about the brand fonts and colors. They play a more significant part in website design and online presence. Some experts will need your previous business logo to build several options for you. Since you have to take part in brand font and color shaping, it’s essential to have a web design professional. A professional will be able to consider the technical requirements in this phase. Some of these requirements are color contrasts and web-safe fonts.

The brand voices

Establishing a business brand voice is essential when you get online. Though it might look like marketing spam, it’s all about speaking well to customers. A brand voice can be professional or playful, depending on the business type. The brand voice should reflect the business team, business principles, and values. If the business has been in operation, review email templates, brochures, and flyers.

The brand imagery

It’s a significant branding element that most businesses overlook. When going online, it’s essential to have sets of image styles. They significantly impact how website users perceive the company. A professional brand photographer will aid in getting suitable photos for your website.

You will have a vast bank of images with a consistent style that you can choose from.

Brand promotion via social media platforms

The last task to bring a business brand online can be intimidating. You will wonder about the best social media platform to use. Social media platforms are great avenues to connect with potential clients. The problem is that social media needs effort and time. It’s good to choose more reliable platforms that will suit the business. The few you can use are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. They are the top platforms that will make the company reach many potential clients.


Now you have a clue on how to push your business online. Take the plunge now! An excellent digital agency will make the entire process easy to meet the set goal quickly.

By ozfetch