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How Translation Services Help In Everyday Life


May 2, 2019 #North East

Translation is the best ways to communicate with others around the world, do business, continuing processes, transmit information, make a progress in technology. Without translation the world would be a step behind. Simply navigate to this site for the wide range of language services including financial translation and interpreting services.

 “I am moving to the United States, and I need some documents to be translated to continue with the process… I think, I will ask my nephew to do it for me”. Most of the times, these are the types of comments that people do, assuming that translation is something “easy” to do, or that someone bilingual can do it, but in reality, translations goes beyond that. Therefore, many universities, colleges, and others specialized in teaching Translation and Interpretation as a Professional Degree. Of course, most of the persons who specialized in this field have to be bilingual, but that does not mean this is the only requirement to perform an excellent job.

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To understand a little bit more about Translation and Interpretation as a professional career, it is essential to recognize the difference between them. Translation means, transferring a text from one language to another in a written way; interpretation means, transmitting a thought, idea, or opinion orally from one language to a target language.

But, let’s focus on what a translator do. They need to know different techniques to execute an outstanding translation, since it is not just about translating word per word. They must transmit the same idea of what the author said, using the correct words for the public to understand. Professional translators prepare themselves before each translation, looking for the exact terminology, since a word could mean something in a medical field, but something very different in a legal one. Lastly, if a person is able to read something so easy to understand with fluency and without unfamiliar words, that my friend, is a good translation.

Continuing with the subject, there are many places where you can find translators, and receive good translations, but what about a place that provides services around the entire world, and still delivers a distinguishable work, and it just a click away from you?

Naati translator is the perfect place to find any type of translators who translate only to their native language, to grant a good comprehension from native readers. But, why is it important to have them translate only to their native languages? First of all, a native person has a 100% of knowledge of their mother tongue, ensures fluency in the translation and avoids misunderstandings.

Espresso Translations offers reasonable prices, and delivers the translation on time, without setting aside the quality guaranteed of the job. As the name of company says, translations are completed as soon as possible, since their team is formed with the most experienced translators. Espresso Translations ensures consistency in their documents, which means a correct word choice to transmit the exact message. Additionally, Espresso Translations has ISO 17100:2015 Certification which means that their translations follow a recognized standard of requirements.

Unless Espresso Translations started solely on Italian translations, due to the increasing requests of language services, they had to build a network to cover many European languages. Over the time, the demand kept growing, and they decided to provide translation services in London. Nowadays, they have many translators covering a lot of language pairs; European languages, American ones, Asian ones and African ones. Basically, they offer translations in more than 150 languages, and assure that if they do not have the language the person is looking for, they can help.

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In Espresso Translations, their fields of expertise are several, including medical, legal, business, marketing, financial, technology, academic, gaming and any other the customer can come with. But Espresso Translations is not only about translating, it also offers transcriptions (transcribing an audio or video into a written form), proofreading (double-check a translation to be sure it is correct), and localization (adapting websites, brands, software to connect with another audience). Request a quote, and it only takes one hour to get an answer; from there on, the customer can confirm the job; after that, Espresso Translations start doing its part; the complete translation is reviewed a second time to assure quality or correct errors, and finally it is delivered on time.

Espresso Translations is located in several cities of London; also they received emails at info@espressotranslations.com or calls at +44 203 488 1847. To know more about their services its website is Espressotranslations.com.

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