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How You Can Use Ringless Voicemail To Increase Business Sales

Business enterprises have, for a long time, been searching for means to reach out to their customers and expand their business output and sales. Many of these business enterprises have invested in different advertising avenues such as handbills, posters, and even social media adverts, but sometimes these are still not enough.

With technological advancements, a new way to expand output and sales for businesses is in circulation, and it is a little thing called ringless voicemail.

What Is A Ringless Voicemail

As the name implies, a Ringless Voicemail or an RVM is a new way through which businesses use technologically programmed software to input messages in the voicemails of their prospective and regular customers without disturbing them through ringing.

In simpler terms, it’s a means for any business to leave a voicemail without putting a call through in the first place or making the phone ring. It is sometimes referred to as ‘drops’ because the voicemail simply drops into the client’s voicemail box.

Several operators and companies provide software specifically designed to drop ringless voicemails to targeted numbers for businesses. One of such is call cowboy.

These operators and companies provide services like ringless voicemails in addition to other services such as autodialer, toll-free numbers, Interactive Voice Response to receive callers reaching out, call tracking, among others.

Ringless voicemail has become a brilliant tool in business marketing because it promotes one on one marketing. It has also avail business owners the opportunity to make use of a very functional feature that is exceedingly common in smartphones, that is, the voicemail feature.


Ways To Use Ringless Voicemail To Increase Business Sales

As a sales telemarketing strategy, there are several ways through which the ringless voicemail can be put into use, to cause an increase in awareness and sales. Below are some of the specific ways you can set the ringless voicemails to work.

Besides, they can also be used for sending reminder messages on all business-related issues to stakeholders, staff, and clients.

Benefits of Using A Ringless Voicemail To Increase Business Sales

As a tactical strategy for sales increase, there are several benefits attached to using a Ringless Voicemail (RVM). Some of the advantages and benefits include:

One of the tactical advantages of using a Ringless Voicemail is that it serves as a smart reminder to the clients, informing them about the business, its services, and other exclusive and or limited promotions and sales.

It is a way to keep the client and targeted customer up to date without disruption. That way, the client is always aware of the business and its activities without disturbing the daily flow of the prospective or regular clients.

A ringless voicemail can contain all the necessary information that the clients (prospective and exiting) need to know. It is like dropping pockets of information whenever necessary.

More importantly, the subtleness with which a ringless voicemail is operated makes it a better way to hit the target audience and attract sales.

The advantage a ringless voicemail provides is the fact that it is non-intrusive and straightforward. In the sense that whatsoever message or information that the business is interested in passing across reaches the targets without disrupting their day, peace of mind, and activities.

By directly sending the desired message into the voicemail of the client, it shows that your business respects each individual’s right to privacy, and this may encourage the targeted subject to reach out or reply at their convenience.

In any business, some specific clients tend to drift away over time due to various circumstances. Whatever the case may be, using a ringless voicemail can bring such customers back to the fold.

While reaching out through the ringless voicemail in such cases, it will help if you offer special discounts as returning clients. You can also ask for specific reasons why such customers drifted away in the first place. The feedback you get from such questions can show you areas that might require improvements in your business.

Besides, the Ringless Voicemail can help business owners build long-lasting relationships with clients and creating a loyal client base.

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