Mobile has become very central in terms of how we live over the past ten years, since smartphones and tablets came into mainstream use. As you might expect, this led to something of a renaissance in marketing, as mobile presented so many new ways to reach audiences online even while they were not at a computer. It became seen as the most important part of many businesses’ marketing strategies, and something which no up and coming company could do without.

Mobile Is Great – But Not Always Best

There is no doubt that online mobile marketing has added a lot of new weapons to a marketer’s arsenal, however this doesn’t mean that its arrival and upsurge has made other forms of marketing any less effective or interesting. The best marketing approaches consider all possible ways of reaching an audience and those best suited for the objectives of the campaign. In many cases, mobile does not come out on top over more traditional marketing approaches like face to face marketing, telemarketing, or conventional advertising placements.

Where Conventional Marketing Can Win Over Mobile

One particular form of ‘old school’ marketing that has an edge over mobile in terms of impact, and can therefore be a better use of budget in some situations, is direct marketing – particularly face to face marketing, for instance at trade shows. The reason why this can be so effective is that it is impossible for the recipient of a message to ignore it when it is given in person. Online and mobile marketing can get lost amid all the other promotional messages a person sees in a day, which can number in the thousands, but most people will take notice when they have a conversation with a real person.

‘In Person’ Direct Marketing Also Strengthens Brand Recognition More Than Mobile

One of the main objectives of a lot of marketing campaigns is to increase brand recognition and awareness. It is often quoted in marketing and advertising circles that the average individual needs to see some branding about seven times before he or she will remember it or have any sense of its meaning or identity. With mobile marketing, the intention is to get people to see the branding regularly, but with direct marketing the brand presence can be enforced more strongly during the interaction, meaning just one encounter with a brand can create a lasting effect. Everything from the clothing of the marketers through to the language they use can help instil the brand values, not to mention the possibility to hand out branded items such as brochures or merchandise that the target audience can take away. Even small businesses are able to do things like this by investing in custom branded items from companies like

While embracing mobile and all the good things that come along with it is a good thing, businesses and marketers should always remember that just because a new thing is effective, it doesn’t mean a more traditional thing loses impact by default. There are lots of reasons why direct marketing and other offline methods can be better for your purposes in many situations.

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