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Iced Drinks Company Announce All Products to be Sugar Free in World First


Nov 7, 2017 #Business

IN a world first, global natural iced drinks manufacturer Polar Krush has announced that all of its products will be sugar free by the end of 2017.

After three years of working on the perfect blend and freezing process, the Polar Krush scientists have created the ultimate children’s treat; a drink with the identical taste of the original product but without sugar! The change gives priority to customers’ health without compromising on taste, helping families to make healthier choices.

Paul Goldfinch, managing director at Polar Krush said, “We really have created utopia in the world of soft drinks; an iced drink that has parental endorsement and the same great taste that has made us a hit with children for the last twenty years.

“We’re the only iced drinks, and possibly soft drink manufacturer, in the world to make all of their products sugar free. Our products have always added a burst of fun and excitement to family outings, and we’re delighted that we can keep making them even better for our customers.”

Polar Krush products now uses Stevia leaf to act as a natural sweetener and natural flavours enhances the taste. Natural colours give Polar Krush drinks their famous bright-coloured look.

Paul continues, “The great thing about this product is that you really can’t differentiate from the original, which we are extremely proud of. As well as the same great taste it also keeps its vibrant colour; the only difference is to you and your families’ health. We have always been passionate about our products being natural and ethically produced, that’s why we’re the only major manufacturer in the UK create our range using natural colours and flavours; this was just the next step in making the ultimate family treat.

“We are already a leading iced-drinks brand in the UK and we now have the capacity, standards and infrastructure to continue to expand internationally. I am incredibly proud that the team have realised our sugar free vision and we are already working on bigger and better ways to change the face of the soft drink industry.”

The new sugar free drinks are available now in selected stockists, and production will increase to full availability from Q1 2018. 

By Emily