There are many ways to save energy and money in a house, and sound insulation is essential. The windows, which are a point of thermal exchange between the interior and exterior of the house, play a crucial role in improving its insulation. It is not always possible to replace old windows with more efficient ones, but whether your windows are new or old, you can always improve the insulation of your home and save energy by paying attention to these aspects:


The single glazing window is the one with the least insulating properties, while the double or triple glazed windows are the most efficient, since they have an insulating chamber between the glass that isolates not only cold and heat, but also noise. An intermediate option is a double window, a cheaper solution than the double glazing and easier to install, since the double glazing needs specific carpentry that can sometimes make it necessary to renew the window frame.


PVC carpentry provides the most excellent thermal insulation, followed by wood, aluminum with thermal break, and untreated aluminum. On the other hand, wood and PVC offer the most sound insulation. PVC has many other advantages, such as a longer life that is easier to maintain. Among the many types of windows that can be found in these materials, the lateral opening windows have the advantage that their closure is airtight, while that of the sliding windows is not.


The blind box is one of the elements that create a thermal bridge between the interior and exterior of the house, allowing cold between winter and summer heat. The least efficient in terms of insulation are those that are embedded in the wall. To prevent the heating money from going through the blind hole, the inside of the box can be covered with insulating material and protect the area around the tape.

Frames And Boards

Frames and joints can be protected with weather-stripping and putty to prevent leaks. Both weather strips and putty wear out over time, so you should review these items from time to time to replace those that have degraded. Silicone gaskets have a longer duration than rubber or foam and are also the ones that offer the most insulation.

Contrary to what one might suppose, changing the windows of our home for better quality ones, such as those found in Double Glazing Birmingham will mean a considerable saving that will reflect in the electricity bill, so in a few months we will recover what was invested. Then we will start saving, not to mention the comfort we will get, as well as better living conditions.