Examination at any level of education can be frightening to almost every student.

Staying up late to finish studying for an exam that you had no idea about, or you’re just a lazy student who likes to procrastinate until the last minute, we’ve all been there.

Probably the worst fear that any student has is that their calculator stops working mid-exam. That’s an unfortunate incident that no student wishes upon any other student.

Fortunately for you, the ti 89 review of graphic calculators can help you to pick the right one, which won’t stop working in the middle of an exam. With that being said, let’s jump to the important tips which we have presented in this article that will prevent you from having a meltdown in the exam hall.

It’s Okay to Take Breaks

Many students feel guilty about taking breaks, or they think they just don’t have the time to take breaks. Contrary to popular belief, taking short breaks in between your revisions can actually help you to retain more information.

We all made/make revision time tables to help us get organized before exams. Include small breaks in between subjects to help you be more focused, instead of stressing out.

You’ll be done with your revisions quickly once you find your way of revising. Everyone has their own way of studying or being productive. Be it listening to music while practicing math, using different colored post-it notes all over your room, using the help of diagrams, or just simply revising out loud is totally fine.

Make use of your productive hours to get some studying done and include short breaks throughout your revision routine.

Be More Positive

We are our biggest critics, so it can be extra hard to motivate ourselves to be positive during a revision or an exam. But, you must tell yourself that you are better and that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.

Remind yourself about the things you’ve accomplished so far. No matter what they are, remember that you completed them and you can start to feel a bit more confident about the exam or revision.

Make up your personalised, positive phrase or mantra that you can repeat during tough situations. It can do wonders to your state of mind and you’ll feel like you can do anything, which is amazing.

Use the power of words to help you out when you’ve hit a block during your exam when you’re nervous, or to help you feel confident on those gloomy days.

Make Use of Essential Oils

Another thing that you can use to help you remember important things and stay focused for an exam is – essential oils. Studying in an environment that smells like rosemary, or any other kind of scent that you prefer, can help you retain more information.

You can smell those scents before entering an exam hall to help you remember important facts. When it comes to preparing for exams, you need all the positive affirmations you can get.

Positive or motivational quotes, pictures, visuals, essential oils, and listening to music that helps you focus can do wonders for your revision. This will help to boost your confidence, self-esteem, and also your chance of acing an exam.

Avoid Revising Through the Night

Losing sleep over revisions won’t help you at all. Getting the proper amount of sleep the night before your exam is crucial. Not only can it help you remember information better, but it will also help you learn new skills.

Avoid having caffeine or alcohol late at night. Instead, what you can do is to develop an exercise routine that you can do during the day. Create a bedtime routine that you follow with ease regularly.

Also, stop revising an hour before you go to sleep. Give your brain some time to unwind from all the information that you crammed in. Some students say that a quick power nap during the day can also help them to remember information.

However, take care not to nap for too long, otherwise, you’ll end up ruining your sleep cycle, and it’s just going to be a huge mess.

Important Steps to Take as Soon as You Enter an Exam Hall

We all deal with a form of anxiety before an exam. Some of us get panic attacks as well. It’s not a great sight, hyperventilating outside an exam hall.

So, to help you calm down before an exam, here are a few tips you can follow.

Calm Down and Focus on Paper

There’s no point if you lose your mind panicking over questions even before you’ve attempted to answer them. Calm yourself down and focus on the question paper.

You can try breathing techniques or any other form of calming techniques to stop you from panicking. Read the paper carefully, see how many questions there are, and read them at least three times before you attempt to answer them.

Think about how much time you can spend on each question and find out how many you can answer confidently and go for them first. Focus on the keywords you revised and try to answer what the question is actually asking from you.

Evaluate Each Question

As we mentioned previously, focus on what the question is asking from you and how you can evaluate the question. Read it more than once so that makes sense to you.

It helps when you’re in a calm state of mind to think about the answer more logically and effectively. Time yourself just like you did when you practiced in your revisions and stick to it. Filter out the unnecessary points and focus on the important ones.

Keep your eye on the clock, but don’t panic! Looking at the clock can be used to encourage yourself that you’re making good time and that you have enough time to finish the remaining questions.

Make Use of the Extra Time

Always make sure that you’ve attempted all the questions and that you’ve answered them to the best of your abilities. If you find yourself being unable to remember some points to a question, move on to the next one.

But, make sure that you write down the important ones so that after you come back to them you can jump right back in from where you stopped. This helps you to not waste time thinking about what the other points could be.

If all goes well, you’ll have time to check back your answers and fix any mistakes that you might have made.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when an important exam is looming over you. You can be anxious about your core and fail to get any revision done.

However, we hope that the tips we discussed in this article can help you overcome those feelings and push you to be in a more calm and composed state of mind.

Remember to think happy and positive thoughts, give yourself lots of breaks between revisions, a proper amount of sleep, and finally remember to BREATHE!