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Important Tips for Waking Fresh and Energetic


Mar 3, 2018

No matter how much sleep you are getting every night, if you are not a morning person, it is most likely you will wake up groggy and scattered. Once the alarm hits, it is more natural to pull the covers over your head and hit the snooze button than to get up with a determined demeanor.

But, morning don’t have to mean a zombie like trance till noon, the following simple steps can help anyone face the morning with energy and focus.

First things first, ditch the snooze.

Honestly, do you ever feel any better after hitting the “snooze” button? It’s really a tease, you hit the button, but when it rings again in 7 minutes you feel twice as irritable and less likely to get out of your comfy Costco mattresses. Forget the snooze and get right into the day, this gives you more time to be productive in your mornings and removes the frustration of thinking five more minutes is going to make a difference.

When you wake up, get out of bed.

It is a common habit to stay in bed just another 10 minutes when we wake up, but it is far better for the body’s sleep and waking cycles to get up from your bed and initiate the full waking process. Getting out of bed will create the important separation that makes staying bed harder. So if you need to look over your messages, social media notifications and other, do it in the kitchen while you prep your morning joe.

Head for the caffeine.

Not everyone wakes with a halo and boundless energy for the day’s demands, for everyone else, there’s caffeine in all its empowering variety. Have a cup of coffee or anything from the caffeinated tea section can zap the grogginess and allow you to cut right to clear and productive thinking. Drinking coffee will stop Dreamy – Bedding from happening.

Don’t skip breakfast.

Don’t be one of those workaholic martyr types who denies being hungry in the morning, you are hungry and they don’t call “break – fast” for nothing. After a few hours of not eating you can actually be comfortable with not eating for a bit longer, but it’s essential that you eat right away. You can’t live off your good deeds, you need plenty of physical fuel and nutrition to empower your efforts.

Break the rules, have carbs after dark.

If later breakfasts just work better for you, give your body a boost the night before. It is time to move away from convention and eat the occasional and regular “carb after dark”. Not only will a late-night snack of porridge or oatmeal make you feel better as you sleep, but you can also get a better energy level if you like to work out, do yoga or exercise before breakfast.

Beat the tiredness with exercise.

When you are exhausted and every fiber in your body is pulling you to bed, the last thing you feel like doing is getting a good workout. Nevertheless, this can be exactly the cure you need to have more energy. The invigorated body is not feeling tired but energized and ready for the day, there are special endorphins that are released when the body is exercising that can make you feel better at work and play.

Have something to get up for.

Simply having nothing to do can be a good reason for increased laziness. If you haven’t found that morning schedule that you look forward to the first item that takes importance while in bed is “stay in bed”. But don’t, get up and get out of the house, take a walk around the block and get some fresh air. Doing something with your morning can give you the reason you need to get out of bed.

By Emily