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Increase your Chances of Loan Approval by Using a Mortgage Broker

ByDave Stopher

Oct 11, 2018

When you are begin looking for a mortgage loan, the large number of lenders can seem overwhelming. You may not know where to start. You may pick a few random banks and apply. During the application process it may soon become apparent that each lender has specific details that are important to them. The basic requirements may be the same, however, some are more willing to work with various financial situations. Your chances of getting a loan in a timely manner with this approach are low. You may also end up with some unpleasant terms. You are more likely to be approved by a lender when you are applying with the correct one. A mortgage broker like www.propillo.com can help to match you up with a lender that is right for you from the whole of the UK mortgage market.

More Options


A mortgage broker may have access to more lending options than you do. When an individual seeks out a mortgage loan, they often stick to local lenders that they can visit in person. A broker may have nationwide connections. This opens more possibilities for you. When you are limited to a small pool of lenders, you may not have much control over fees, interest rates, and payments. Companies that operate in the same geographical area may all have similar rates.


More Efficient


Looking for a loan on your own is often hit or miss. You may reach out to several lenders just hoping to get one or two responses. A broker takes a much more efficient approach. Your financial and personal information is organized in to an application or portfolio. A mortgage broker then determines which lenders are most likely to work with you. They have extensive knowledge of each lender’s preferences. Some may be willing to compromise with those that have some blemishes on their credit, while others may deny immediately. After narrowing down the options, the broker applies on your behalf to the remaining banks. This approach puts your application in the right hands immediately, instead of you having to guess.


Unknown Lenders


No matter how much research you do, there are still likely to be lenders that you overlook. A broker has a more extensive list of banks that are willing to work with you on a mortgage. There are many lesser known lenders that may be in-touch with brokers to help them secure business. A nationwide mortgage broker often has an excellent list of connections. This comes from years of experience on the job. A broker spends a lot of time marketing themselves and getting to know lenders they would like to work with.


The best way to secure a loan for your new home is to work with mortgage broker. First time buyers, especially, may need help finding a proper lending option. It can take much longer to secure a loan on your own, and your rates may be much higher. Take the time to schedule a consultation with a broke to find out how they a help you get approved by going to visit MoreiraTeam.com