• Sat. May 25th, 2024

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Innovative MotorVise Showroom Solution set to deliver huge savings to dealerships

MotorVise has launched an advanced automotive software product able to save dealerships thousands of pounds a year by rationalising the number of systems required to support their Dealer Management Systems (DMS).

The MotorVise Showroom Solution enables dealerships to reduce costs, create efficiencies and improve productivity by replacing multiple systems and software with just one centralised approach.

It offers dealerships a fully paperless and contactless system, designed to reduce the need for re-keying of information and duplication of customer data.

The modular system incorporates a range of features including showroom diary management, deal stacking, automated finance proposals, fully integrated FCA compliance, online card payment and receipts and stock management.

It can integrate with existing DMS and work in conjunction with legacy systems while its software can be tailored to each dealership’s requirements.

In addition, if a module is already covered by a dealer’s current system, there is the option not to use or pay for it.

Southampton-based Richmond Motor Group, which operates 12 dealerships, is already using the MotorVise Showroom Solution to replace its multiple systems and it is estimated it will save the business up to £86,400 per year.

Nick Fuller, Group Hyundai Sales Manager, said: “It has streamlined all our processes and freed up a great deal of staff time. Not only is everything in one place, there is no more paperwork, handover diaries, order forms or re-keying, and there is full accountability.

“It saves on paper, printing and postage costs as well as the time previously spent switching between systems – allowing staff to devote more time to selling.”

Fraser Brown, founder and managing director of MotorVise, which is based in Colburn, North Yorkshire, said: “As a leader in automotive sales solutions, we recognise the need to tackle the considerable inefficiencies and costs arising from the use of multiple systems that cannot be integrated.

“To solve this common problem, we developed MotorVise Showroom Solution, which is flexible, simple to use, doesn’t require expensive training and provides dealers with management information quickly and easily.

“We are also aware of the huge financial burden to dealerships of purchasing and using multiple systems from a variety of suppliers, and the costs involved of upgrades and system improvements.

“Our modular system enables clients to tailor the system to their specific needs, and they will only ever pay for what they use – making it exceptional value.

“Most importantly, it creates the efficiencies that allow staff to devote more time to the customer and selling cars, helping the motor trade overcome the challenges surrounding post-COVID-19 working.”