With several states in the US legalizing marijuana, it’s a great time to grow the plant for medicinal and recreational purposes. To get maximum yield and optimal quality cannabis in an enclosed area, you will have to control the humidity, temperature, air circulation, ventilation, and lighting. To increase your indoor yield, you will have to put in more effort, ensure that the plants have enough nutrition and space, stimulate the branch growth, and improve the general environment. Here are the most innovative ways that you can implement to grow cannabis indoors. 

    • Finding the Right Room

For a small scale farmer, a designated area, cabinet, unused corner, or small tent will do. Plant the seedlings in a small pot, then adjust the pot sizes as your cannabis begins to grow. Also, when the seedlings germinate, consider placing a maximum of two plants per pot. Keep in mind that you will see less wastage when you plant fewer plants. 

When the plant starts flowering, expect triple the size when it’s time to harvest. Pick a spot that’s safe from human and animal intrusion, and ensure that humidity and temperature fluctuations won’t be an issue in the closed space. Professional cannabis growers always keep the room light sealed, and they ensure that the area remains clean at all times to avoid contaminants and pests.

    • Using the Right Lighting

Cannabis requires natural light, and considering that you will be planting your marijuana indoors, you will have to pick the right lighting since you can’t use the sun’s light. Cool LED lights have moderate penetration, and as such, you will need several lights, and you might be unfortunate and get fluffy buds due to low light penetration. Conversely, HIDs tend to have higher penetration, they are expensive, and they can burn your marijuana if the closed space is poorly ventilated. 

Experienced cannabis farmers always combine LED and HID lights in closed areas considering that the combination uses less electrical power. Cannabis specialists at https://growlightinfo.com/ often advise growers to compare and review the best LED grow lights, then pick the ones that will ensure maximum productivity. Cannabis buds need light for them to be dense. To ensure that all buds receive the appropriate amount of light, consider suspending a net just above your plants, which will help guide branches’ growth.  

    • Simulating the Right Climate

It’s your task to regulate air circulation, humidity, and temperature, and you can achieve this by simulating the desired temperature. Seeds need warmth and moisture. To simulate such a condition, place the cannabis seeds in damp soil and a dark room. The temperature should be regulated between 73 and 82 degrees at the vegetative stage,  while humidity should be at least 65%. 

It’s essential to maintain proper ventilation at the vegetative stage that keeps the room cool while delivering carbon dioxide needed by cannabis for growth. At the flowering phase, ensure that the temperature ranges between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and that the humidity is at least 55%. The low moisture prevents fungal infections, and it would be in your best interest to provide proper ventilation at this stage. 

    • Protecting the Roots

It’s essential to find the right flower pots for cannabis. Failure to do so will result in drying off the roots since they are exposed to intense heat. Professionals always lift the flowerpots such that they are above ground at all times. Also, ensure that you shield the flowerpots from direct sunlight by providing that your closed space has no room for sunlight penetration.

    • Ensuring Proper Air Circulation

As a farmer, you know that plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. The closed space should have a constant airflow supply that allows hot air to move out, and cold air gets into the room. You can achieve this by installing an exhaust fan at the top of the room. Without a cooling system, space will experience rapid humidity changes or carbon dioxide depletion, which is terrible for cannabis. 

If the place is too humid, you will have to get a dehumidifier to regulate the internal climate. If fans fail to control the temperature, then you can invest in a powerful AC unit. It’s important to note that these equipment consume electricity; therefore, factor in the cost of power as you purchase the equipment.

Nurturing cannabis might be a tiresome affair, but you will realize what a great experience the plant brings during harvest. Farmers believe that they learn new stuff on every harvest, and coupled with these innovative ideas, you are bound to have a bountiful harvest.