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International Minecraft Celebration comes to Newcastle MINECON Earth Party


When Michelle Poller, Michael Allen & Mark Stevens, met at a gaming convention two years ago, they soon realised that their mix of business and gaming skills would form an ideal partnership for bringing popular gaming conventions to fans in the North East.

Their latest family orientated venture, MINECON Earth Party at Nethermined, will take place at the Civic Centre, Newcastle, on 29th September 2018 and will be a fantastic Minecraft Party for the kids of the North East.

The event, Nethermined’s first to be officially recognised by Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is expected to attract visitors from all over the UK and Ireland.

Mark, (23), from Northallerton, met Morpeth based Michelle (49and Michael (52) during the set-up of Nethermined 2 back in 2016. Mark was working for Michelle and Michael, the event organisers, as a guest YouTuber and impressed them with his enthusiasm and knowledge of the popular online creative adventure game, Minecraft and they felt he could be a good addition to their successful team.

Nethermined was originated when Michelle and Michael’s daughter, herself a fledgling Minecraft YouTuber, had become entranced with the game but was too young to travel all over the country to the conventions available at the time. They decided that they could put their own events together and formed Nethermined.

Michelle, director of Property Search North East and joint founder of the WomenProperty Group, with her partner Michael Allen, brought their business acumen to the partnership with Mark providing the knowledge of gaming. The trio decided to bring Minecraft conventions to fans of the game all over the North East and formed their company, End Game Events.

Michelle said: “Minecraft is such a creative game which gives my daughter, and tens of millions of people like her all over the world, the opportunity to explore an online world, build their own creations and go on adventures to complete quests. The game is very educational and well established and its popularity is testament to the success of the game.”

This year’s event will mark the fifth convention organised by Team Nethermined and it’s the first to be officially recognised by Mojang, the company behind Minecraft.

Mark said: “Securing the backing of Microsoft, the parent company of Mojang, is a real coup for us. It means we can make our convention even bigger and better than ever before, offering guest appearances from YouTubers, an entertaining live stage show, gaming, workshops as well as the Official MINECON Earth party live stream.

“Attendees will be given the opportunity to learn new skills and join in gaming sessions on one of our 100 Minecraft PC’s.

Mark has been involved in gaming for a number of years and even proposed to his now wife at the Nethermineevent which he helped organise with Michelle and Michael in 2017.

“We are all deeply involved with the fantastic game that is Minecraft. We all have our own reasons for loving the game and wanting to bring the MINECON Earth Party at Nethermined to UK based fans,” continued Mark.

Michelle, Michael and I might seem unlikely business partners, but our unique skills enable us to cover every aspect of the business and we have a really positive working relationship.”

For more information and to book tickets for the MINECON Earth Party at Nethermined, visit


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