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Invest in Citizenship By Investment Scheme for passport from St Lucia comes with many advantages

ByDave Stopher

Jan 17, 2021

With the announcement of the St. Lucia Government’s new scheme of citizenship-by-investment, many of you might be considering the beautiful Caribbean island as the best place for setting up a new home. It is already a matter of great pride to own two passports without legal complications as St. Lucia has no bar for citizens holding dual citizenship. But there should be sufficient other benefits which will justify the investment amount, which can never be less than US$100,000, even if you are availing of the cheapest option.

Benefit for all

The chief point of attraction for procuring the St. Lucia passport is the advantages that it offers to people of every age and profession. If you love to travel, but don’t like the trouble of visa application or paying high visa charges to enter some countries, then the St. Lucia passport can be your jackpot. You can enter 146 countries without paying for a visa or get a free visa on arrival. If you are going to retire in a few years and want to stay somewhere where the living cost will be low, the Caribbean island can be the ideal option if you have the extra money to invest at this age.

Save on taxes

Those who have already made the inquiries are aware of the fact that the passport from St Lucia comes with many advantagesIf you fall into the category of high-income individuals’ group, and your income is from different countries, you must pay a high amount of tax every year in your country. Why not shift to St. Lucia and get exemption on taxes in various departments like capital gains and more. It will help to have a handsome figure in the savings account even after investing in the bonds or real estate market to procure citizenship.

A safe place for family

If you have a family, then also moving to St. Lucia won’t be complex. However, the family members must be financially dependent on you. Otherwise, the member cannot gain citizenship by extra payment along with your application. Due diligence is compulsory in this case, as if you are investing in real estate, it is mandatory to check the authenticity of the seller before investing. Also, procuring the right information regarding the different schemes about the passport procurement is vital. An island is a safe place where you can live with your family peacefully.