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Is a used electric car worth buying?

ByDave Stopher

Aug 25, 2022

As we battle with the immediate impacts of climate change and the rising gas prices, many of us, understandably, are considering purchasing an electric car. That’s not to say we have to spend our life’s earnings on a shiny new Tesla; there are many affordable options, including new models from Volkswagen, Kia and other manufacturers coming out all the time. However, with such high demand, these more affordable models are selling out at record pace, leaving many eyeing up the second hand market.

But is it worth it and what can we expect from a used electric car? Here are all your questions answered.

Will the battery be an issue?

One thing that puts potential buyers off is the issue of car battery degradation. It’s a common problem that plagues most battery-powered devices, and with a car it can drastically impact its range and durability. On long trips this can prove very tricky indeed.

However, recent research shows that battery degradation might not be such a big problem as people might think. On average, drivers notice a miniscule reduction in capacity. Electric cars bought in 2014 still have, on average, 91% of their battery capacity, meaning a tiny 9% reduction in overall performance. If you do find that your car’s capacity drops significantly over time, your warranty should cover additional costs.

Charging options

Charging your EV isn’t as simple as dropping by a petrol station on the highway; these vehicles require lots of forward thinking and planning, especially if you know you won’t be near a charging port for some time.

All EV’s come with a charging cable and a three-pin plug that you can pop into the mains, but this is by far the slowest way to reach 100% capacity. There are various Government initiatives now that will pay for up to £350 of the cost to get an EV charging station installed at your home. However, this will have to be something you apply for after you have bought your EV as you need proof of purchase to be eligible.

How expensive are used EVs?

The price of your used EV will, of course, depend on its model, age and overall condition. And seeing as the market is still relatively small and that there still aren’t many used EVs around, your options are limited. Call your local car dealership or head to Vauxhall Cars Norwich where they have a great range of used EVs available.